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  • j_comes j_comes Nov 9, 2011 3:32 PM Flag

    not good

    They bought them only to turn them into Granite City restaurants. Just had lunch with a vendor of theirs... in my opinion they are robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    Sounds like there are way too many layers of management. Store manager, Culinary Manager, Operations Manager and then Director of Ops above every 5-6 stores. Need to cut some serious fat.

    Hate to say it but it spells disaster, up side is doubtful and risky. Love our Des Moines location... sounds like the others can't keep managers.

    You want intel, start mining for folks who sell to and service the joints, you'll get a real inside peak at the place.

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    • And then look at the package they gave the COO hen he quit. It is outrageous. I sold at 2.11 and called it quits. They will end up destroying the business by overpaying top staff. Good riddance. I would consider gambling on this again at a much lower price.