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  • tyler_josph_sperry tyler_josph_sperry Apr 23, 2014 5:25 PM Flag

    just bought in...

    got in at 0.085, my charts show that she is going to break out and head high tomm. i also got a alerts from other stock blogs. today she hit her low and still held the accumulation/distribution… all i need to know before i buy.

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    • Today VPOR stock make a higher low the new higher low is $0.0612. Tyler_Joseph_Sperry you are now a little bit in the red on this trade.

    • Your barely still in the green on this trade. i hope you took some off the table at 0.12 or 0.13.

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    • good timing

    • Your doing good on this trade. The stock is only down a tiny amount below 0.085. a seen that price make a trade just before the close also. you can relax because your money in SPLI is very safe. also last weeks gains from 5 cents up to the 8 cent area is still being held onto. this means that this pullback below 12 cents is over and that tomorrow on Friday we could get a nice fat 10 or 20% up move back to thos levels. if you see thos prices again try not to sell too mach because you could atleast try to get thos same prices on Monday. after Monday it really becomes a open ended question weather there is or is not going to be a reversal. at minimum even if there is no reversal you can atleast see the stock bounce a further 20% up from here to trade at about 10 cents or so on Monday. try not to panic because if you sell for only a 20% gain and your convinced that there's is not going to be a reversal then you will miss out on the real big gain when the stock eventually trades at 40 cents again and creates a double top on the chart.

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      • Friday the stock closed up 10.18% just as i predicted on April 24. Thats what i call a Boo Yah! Live it up Tyler_Joseph_Sperry. Theres more bounce to come on Monday and possibly Tuesday my target is 0.125 a share by Wednesdays open. if Wednesday is a pullback i want the next higher low to only by 9 cents that way your still ahead on buying at 0.085.

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