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  • basehit123 basehit123 Feb 8, 2013 4:47 PM Flag

    The Jammin Java Corp?


    So what exactly does this company do, and with only 3 employees? Do they just import coffee and sell it under their brand name?
    Anyone else know business/finance facts about this company?

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    • JAMN buys coffee from Rohan Marley's private company - he's the one who owns the land and the beans. They also buy coffee from other places in Jamaica and Ethiopia. It's not clear to me whether this coffee is also funneled through Marley's private company. They then use one of Brent Toevs' (JAMN CEO) private companies to print and fill the bags.

      If you look at the income statement and examine the cost of product, most of that money goes to Rohan Malrey and Brent Toevs.

    • oh pls ask the board pumper steveco......I am laughing so hard....Maybe he might enlighten you to their limited finances...but,being the idiot on this board he will upsell it

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      • First, my opening comments is that you continue to show me and others you are an idiot and very ignorant of what you are posting. Now let me take a moment to back my claim - unlike how you simply add cluter to this site. You show how much of an idiot you are because you support an improper claim that JAMN has only three employees. You are not astute in business matters yet you speak as if you are one. To me and others it is clear you are a child when it comes to most matters and certainly so in business. As you have read but fail to understand, JAMN has established co-ops with many of their growers. Consequently, they do not need a large staff under the JAMN cooporate logo. Now, that is all i need to say. Anyone else who understands business will also understand how to address a lot of other questiosn and you I suspect will take amny long hours searching this concept and trying to educate yourself on how this applies to JAMN. I think you are so mentally challenged it will take you years before you fully comprehend this. All the better - people liek you are hopeless and have not taken the tiem to educate yourself. You are a person who blames others for your failings and it is ok by me. You will continue to struggle in the years ahead - with your family, with any spouse you try and if you have any children - they will also fail in life under your guidance. So good luck - you have a lot of work to do.

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