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  • goldmansax goldmansax Feb 11, 2013 8:36 PM Flag

    An "investor" who can't do the math is nothing more than a gambler. Is that you jsteveco730?


    Jsteveco, you've been asked several times to justify your bullishness with some cold hard facts and basic math. So far you've refused.
    If you can't justify the price with some basic math, then you're not an investor, you're a gambler. And just like the kid who survived running through the dynamite factory with a lit match - you're just lucky, not skilled.

    So show us your math. You keep telling us how educated you are. This should be a no-brainer for you.
    Here are the figures from the 10/31/12 10Q:

    Cash: $9,061
    Restricted Cash: $12,819
    Receivables: $387,271
    Prepaid + Other: $214,077 (that very high; are they booking expenditures as assets and not expenses?)
    Net PP&E: $21,576 (that's very low)
    Payables: $478,399
    Notes Payable: $310,065
    Other Liabilities: $134,461
    Tangible Net Worth: (210,673) - for the benefit of ryanlawrence007 that's negative.

    Sales: $1,405,154
    COS: $1,110,002
    Operating Expenses: $1,033,008
    Interest: $53,896
    Other: $11,152
    Net Income: ($944,742)

    Shares (basic, not diluted) 77,618,723

    For warm-ups, jsteveco, what amount of sales is needed to break even?

    Cut out the factless wild-eyed pie-in-the-sky jibberish. Give us facts. Show your math. Thanks.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • you need some more KY goldylocks?

    • Good math – you did it! You clearly demonstrated a propensity in stating the obvious. One minor drawback though – your approach is not considered as a complete methodology for a stock’s valuation.
      What a waste of time and wrong-headed views. Do you really think all of that is how valuations are derived? What a moron. Did you ever think of applying your techniques on stocks like APPL, AMZN, GOOG GMCR or SBUX at their initial branding periods? Of course not. You pick one case and applied an over simplified perspective that has no bearing on the company's business plan. All this shows me is my assessment of you was correct from the very beginning. You are one messed up person that seems to me as so ignorant on common sense business practices or accounting and arrogant to believe you really know something. If a stock’s value was as easy as 2+2=4 do you really think we would have people on the Street making 6+ figures in bonuses alone? What you just proved is that you and anyone can sit at a desk, open the paper and put numbers in a spread sheet to get an output. That shows us a lot right? Hardly, it shows that people like you are unqualified to do any assessments from your PC or desk. In fact, I do not ever remember ever having done an assessment as the one your outlines. Sure, I seen it in text books but that is not how it works pal.
      Please spare me and the rest of us your mindless attempts to show how little you know in calculating or even determining what valuations should be. What a waste of time. Just humor me - what is 2+2?

      BTW – enlighten us with your analysis on the revenues by QTR and YR and provide us with a break out by group so we can see where the company is heading, what the largest growth division will be, what the company is spending – broken out by each functional area, and what their forecasts are. You have no clue. Everything you did was in the rear view mirror. What a laugher. YOU-KNOW-NOTHING and I wanted to take the time tonight to deliver the message personally. Good luck pal – enjoy your life. And don’t forget to do your crunches before you sleep tonight = lol.