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  • axlgnr1 axlgnr1 Mar 8, 2013 6:54 AM Flag

    Marley SKUs

    They are adding SKUs, they just need to sell out and be re purchased. They need the big chain retailers on board.

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    • Oh, and I forgot; they're really not selling well. In the last quarterly report, their revenues went DOWN, meaning that they're not expanding much and people are not coming back for more.

    • Adding SKUs at this point is a mistake; it's great to have variety, but they're wasting too much of their resources having variety at the expense of streamlining their distribution process.

      For instance, when they started talking about the K-cups, they talked about having a package of 24 (can't recall the exact number) and a corporate package of 28 - it was a difference of about 4 K-cup packs - it's a negligible difference, but because it's 2 different SKUs, it adds to the expenses - different packages, different listings, different inventory, etc. It's one thing if they had a package of 24 and a package of 48, but the difference in size that they had was stupid for what they were offering.