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  • michaelstonemd michaelstonemd May 24, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    JAMN is Percolating!

    Interesting article:

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • ohh btw - "In 2007, Seeking Alpha was the recipient of Forbes' Best of the Web Award and was selected by Kiplinger's as its pick for Best Investment Informant. In 2011 Seeking Alpha was listed as #1 in Inc. magazine's list of Essential Economic blogs."

      ..."don't worry, be happy!"

    • thank you michaelstonemd for bringing us this article. it is what we thought about the stock all along. it is also what the cousins its will attempt to put down or pretend it to be negative using their MATH...roflmao....

    • It's paid PR by someone who has a fake site. If you go to their site you'll see that their articles about preparing for retirement are cribbed right from Motley Fool. Most of their pages are holders with very little actual information. And on Seeking Alpha, most of their articles are about AVT, one of JAMN's partners. They say how great they thing the stocks are, yet claim they don't have plans to buy any.

      I'll get into the particulars later, like how they think having huge Accounts Receivable is a good thing (it's not) and how they claimed that revenues are holding steady (they're not).

      Just more of Toevs #$%$ away money trying to keep the stock price afloat it would seem!

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      • so lets see brophtron. you spend more time on this board than your alter ego j4c81 and he said he stayed here for his "golfing buddy". you don't own any jamn stock yet you stay here forever and everyday forever
        right???? why??? or do you have a bowling buddy that got yanked??? roflmao. why are you here??? you wouldn't be trying to keep the stock down now would you??? lol...

      • that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. now we know you are going back to the basement to think as fast as your pee brain can of how to 'get outa this one'....roflmao. I know we will see you soon, as well as your pee brain alter ego know the other side of your brain that said 'ok golfing buddy my work is done here I am leaving now' or something as bsing as that. lol. so did up your new line and new bs and new #$%$ that will sprinkle all over the authors - no good - sorry - wont believe the #$%$ you will spew. never did never will. but some will - they are the fools on this board.

      • cousins its! J4c81 and brophtron. do you really expect us to believe you, goofy dude that will spew anything negative against anything positive??? the article from seeking alpha talked about you two....errrr., you have been shown to be a complete and unadaulterated hoax team that is here for one reason - talk down anyone and anybody using horsepoot and "we know it all" powers. seeking alpha proved you to be complete fools...errrrr....a complete fool. anyone interested in the truth. just review seeking alpha article and seeking alpha site. now lets see. the cousins its on this board or seeking alpha....hmmmm.....roflmao. what a couple of fools....errrrr.....a fool. reality is harsh ehhhhhh????

    • (excerpt of article)

      The company also just posted their latest financials and at first glance they may not seem impressive, but a more insightful eye will find that revenues are holding - proving that the company is selling product and most likely receiving repeat orders.

      More insight can be found by examining the Net Receivables, which are at their highest level ever - indicating that they are shipping more product that ever before, and waiting for the fat checks to come in from the likes of Kroger, Best Buy, Shaws, and other retailers that now carry Marley Coffee.

      Make no mistake, the company isn't yet profitable… but don't forget, many companies, including those that are bought on the New York and NASDAQ exchanges everyday, aren't profitable either.

      Investors buy these stocks not because of what the company is doing today, but because of where they are headed and what they will be worth tomorrow.

      Marley Coffee (JAMN) is cheap now, but understandably so. It's a new, young company taking the first steps on a long, long growth curve. But the fact is, the company is taking those steps with precision, and with each new order and each new distributor, they get closer and closer to reach!