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  • brophtron brophtron May 30, 2013 5:19 PM Flag

    JAMN and Small Cap Voice

    Remember how all along I said that Toevs' interviews on SmallCapVoice were nothing more than paid PR?

    Well, I have an update for you.

    It turns out I was


    JAMN: Small Cap Voice received two thousand five hundred dollars per month from the company from 7-18-11 through 11-18-11 for services rendered. Small Cap Voice received one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars per month from the company from 12-18-11 through 1/18/13 for services rendered. Small Cap Voice received 30,000 Rule 144 shares for 2/20/13 through 5/20/13.

    Notice how they switched from paying CASH to paying in SHARES. Hmmmmm. Do you think that they might have a cash flow problem?!

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    • See, the problem that I've had with the SmallCapVoice interviews is that it's not marketing; it's trying to justify the bad performance to the shareholders and making promises to them. This can all be done in a press release. In fact, pretty much all they do in the interviews is go over the press release information and gloss over any of the bad information. Now that I know how much they're paying to get that done, I'm just appalled.

    • marketing costs money or haven't you heard. it absolutely has nothing to do with what he said and jamn moving forward. once again you trolls....errrrr.....troll are nit picking and looking at false form over substance. now lets continue to focus on what Toevs said and what jamn is accomplishing - moving forward. no rear view mirror #$%$.