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  • j4c8l j4c8l Jun 6, 2013 5:01 PM Flag

    I agree 100% with the company's statement -


    There's a lot of back and forth arguing that will never resolve.
    Instead, why don't we all agree to just accept what the company itself wrote about its stock?

    From page 12 of its annual report:: "An investment in our common stock is highly speculative, and should only be made by persons who can afford to lose their entire investment in us."

    The company then says every shareholder should read the annual report and consider the following risks before investing in its stock and then lists about a dozen risks. First, that there is "substantial doubt" [their words not mine] that it will achieve positive cash flows and second, that shareholders will be significantly diluted by its issuance of stock to obtain financing, pay employees and other obligations.

    I agree 100% with what the company wrote. In fact they explain all my objections very well. I even agree with them 1,000%. Can we now end the mindless back and forth??

    Good to be back in California from NYC and glad I missed all the bickering while I was gone. Good grief people.

    This topic is deleted.