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  • j4c8l j4c8l Jun 24, 2013 12:56 PM Flag

    There was a pop and now we have the drop


    It's a penny stock. Subject to massive manipulation as we have just seen.
    The Duck was a paid pumper full of half truths trying to fool you. Can you recognize manipulation now?
    Following this stock or any like it is not worthwhile. GLTA.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • you are certifiable. you just make up a bunch of #$%$ and sling it onto the board and hope it sticks. remember troll....errrr......j4c81 - you told everyone to sell at .30 and this stock would be a nickel by year end! never happen troll. if anyone listened to you they would have lost an opportunity - period. and this living on a board for 2 years and never owning the stock??? say what??? you really need to get out of the basement more often. as the weeks and months click on by it is really going to fun watching you turn into a nervous wreck - the stock pricing inching higher and higher and higher. but that's what happens when you have a stock that is supported by intelligent managers that increase revenues month over month and year over year!!!