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  • dj_kevhead dj_kevhead Nov 18, 2009 12:47 PM Flag

    Cosi pros and cons

    All just a guess

    You will be notified most likely by mail.

    You will most likely have a short period of time to decide.

    Your option itself may not be traded! It will be offered to another share holder if you choose not to exercise it.

    Guesstimate...Im figuring the option will be about 25% to %30 of what I currently own. There is currently 40mil shares out. 33 mil float. They are trying to raise 5 mil so it seems they will be offering 10 mil shares @.50 to current holders. All of this is just a guess based on whats been released so far.

    The vast majority of all cosi shares are owned by insiders and institutions according to yahoo fin.

    I would assume you would be able to sell your shares on the open market at any point.

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