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  • golfer18us golfer18us Oct 11, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

    Note to Wassayasa

    You keep ranting about management (mafia, throw 'em in jail, electric chair). Instead of continuing to post the same message over and over again, why don't you provide the rest of us with either some proof that they are doing something illegal...or...better 'bout you share with us your vast restaurant experience and how you could turn Cosi around?

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    • blustreak007 Oct 14, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

      That is a spectacular idea but unfortunately not realistic for Wassayassa. That would require him to put together a coherent sentence and fake intelligence. Two things that are apparently difficult for him. As someone who used to work at the corporate office, I can tell you that there isn't anything illegal going on unless they have suddenly made being poor business managers a crime. The restaurant managers are very committed but are poorly valued. They have been asked their opinions on how to fix some things and sadly, those were brushed aside. Corporate management likes to say "we need to fix this" but offers NO direction at all. Mr. Edwards says the service stinks and he is correct. But he offers no real way to fix this problem. Did you ever think that company morale starts with senior-most management? Probably not. It's hard to stay positive when people above your head tell you that what you do means nothing to anyone no matter how well your store does. Instead of starting at the bottom of the ladder and working his way up, he really should start with the attitude problem at the TOP of the ladder and he will see very quickly why the employees in the stores and some of the administrative positions at corporate are very dedicated but feel they are the only ones dedicated. Middle and upper management at the corporate office act like they are the only ones who deserve a paycheck. There's a reason why their corporate office is a revolving door. Look how long they were looking for a marketing director and at some of the other positions. You want to know why they were looking? Really talented, dedicated people left, including me and word gets around as to why. I got in trouble for being "too helpful" to our managers when they needed information. Why? Because I was told it made management over my head look bad since they didn't care to help the restaurants. When you screw your core workforce, you get what you deserve. It may be immoral to do this, it's not illegal.

    • if it takes cosi 20 minutes to give a customer 1 meatball sandwich, this is a major problem.. I suggest you go f urself

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