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  • oldbio oldbio Jun 30, 1998 1:09 PM Flag

    10-k-reads like CIA

    Lots of undeclared compounds in development. Hard to get a handle on future of ALKS.

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    • looks like the insidewire site is mostly PR, signed up will see how good it is. I personally like: for unbiased analyses


    • former senior vp of neurobiology at ALKS who left around feb 98 to go to Lilly

    • You can sign up for free stock info.

    • I have researched the insider trading report for

      Curious to know who Scott D. Putney is. He is classified
      as an "Insider", but is identified as an "Affiliated
      Person" on the report.

      Who is he? Cnsultant? Past
      Director? Financial Advisor?

      He took a cool 2.25
      Million in stock sales between Jan and March


    • I am not sure I understand your interest in the
      issue. Are you a member of the plaintiff's bar? You
      mention you have a "trac [sic} record of filing
      investigative material...." are you a professional aggrieved
      investor? Since your supposition of spinning has been
      forwarded to the authorities who will choose to investigate
      it or not, and if they do will have access to
      nonpublic information, what is to be gained by our making
      uniformed guesses that will serve, perhaps, to raise doubts
      about the integrity of people who should be innocent
      until proven guilty. The NASD will look at Paine Webber
      (having little authority over ALKS) and the SEC can look
      at what it likes. I suggest our time on this page is
      better spent examining company specific and market
      issues with regarding the stock while we wait to see if
      the authorities see the same conspiracy you do.

    • Message Board,

      I have recently forwarded
      investigative information to the SEC Enforcement Division, and
      the NASD Regulation Enforcement Division.

      focus is "Spinning" allegations, and "irregular"
      compensation practices by Venture Funding/Investment
      Partnership and Stock Company Executives.

      message board is an excellent forum for discussion on
      this issue. Please review the posted information, and
      get back with comments and questions. I ask that you
      post on this message board, and not e-mail the web
      site. This way we can maintain an ongoing forum for all
      to see.

      This analysis is made utilizing only
      publically accessible information. Although I have no
      guarentees the SEC and NASD will move forward on this info,
      I do have a trac record of filing investigative
      material which has resulted in SEC Enforcement

      Thank you, and I look forward to an informative
      Does anyone else see a problem with this type of


    • the good news about these chat boards is that
      enough investors with judgment use them for good
      purpose. c. emptor.....suggest you call the sec asap...and
      tell us what they tell you. otherwise, please stop
      this uninformed and irresponsible gossip. lb

    • FYI

      I have conducted extensive research
      into certain majority stockholders of this

      In November of 1997, a shift of Venture Funding
      Management accured which I believe is important all
      investors to know about.
      This fund/partnership controls
      a SIGNIFICANTstock position, and has long term
      relationships with executives of the company.

      I would
      like to initiate discussion on this issue. Keep posted
      to the message board. Is anyone


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