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  • bode2222 bode2222 Jan 11, 2000 4:48 PM Flag


    Painewebber upgrades ALKS price target from $65 to $80. Says it's their #1 mid-cap bio-tech pick. Been a limited partner since 1992. Looking GOOD!

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    • just told!! Exercise your warrants (by sending
      $5.00 X 1700 to Alkermes with the exercise form) and
      you will get your stock which is worth today about
      $207,000.00! If you don't have the form, call ALKS. You hit it
      pretty good. I'm only in for 1/2 unit, but I'm up on the
      warrant exercise by $97,000.00. Not bad for waiting.
      Cereport is far from dead, I believe.

    • Upside is explainable. Much more to come.

    • I am a limited partner, and can tell you only
      that Stage II tests are still in progress with
      RMP_7(now Cereport) after terminating the first attempt
      with carboplatin in 1999. I think with all the
      successes Alkermes is now having with their other products,
      RMP-7 development has been slowed. You should be able
      to get more information at the web site Click on news releases and then April 7,

      The partnership was formed to only develop products
      derived from RMP type compounds, with the warrants
      included in the offering as a "sweetener". If your father
      invested $50,000 in the partnership he should have
      received 1700 shares of a new class A warrant exercisable
      at $5.00 per share through March 31, 2000, provided
      he agreed to the exchange in November 1994. If he
      has not yet exercised these, their current value
      should be $175,000. Not bad...

    • Okay. I just looked through paperwork and
      discovered I'm a Class A Limited Partner of Alkermes. Is
      this interest in Cereport alone? And I just can't
      believe Cereport's all over with. No chance of royalties.
      Wondering if I'm entitled to anything but these warrants,
      the last one expiring 3/31/00. My father had invested
      $50,000 in the LP - the warrants did not bring in
      $50,000. Any input would be greatly appreciated,
      especially if anyone out there is also a Class A Limited
      Partner. Thanks.


      Cereport (lobradimil), formerly
      RMP-7, is Alkermes' proprietary agent for facilitating
      drug delivery to the brain.

      Cereport is
      designed to facilitate the delivery of pharmaceutical
      compounds to the brain by transiently increasing the
      permeability of the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain
      barrier is comprised of microvessels whose structure
      limits the diffusion of substances between cells and
      thus limits permeation into the brain. In essence, the
      endothelial cells of the brain's capillaries form tight
      junctions that constitute the blood-brain barrier.

      Cereport is a bradykinin agonist which temporarily
      increases the permeability of the blood-brain barrier by
      activating B2 receptors on these endothelial cells. The
      ability to transiently open the junctions between the
      tightly joined endothelial cells allows for the selective
      transport of drug molecules across the blood-brain barrier
      into the brain.

      Cereport is currently being
      evaluated in combination with the chemotherapeutic agent
      carboplatin in patients with malignant brain tumors and brain
      metastases. Cereport's safety, tolerability in combination
      with other drugs and preliminary efficacy have been
      tested in a series of clinical trials in more than 600
      human subjects. Alkermes has completed four Phase II
      clinical trials of Cereport and carboplatin in patients
      with recurrent, malignant brain tumors.

      October, 1997, Alkermes announced a collaboration with
      ALZA Corporation relating to the development and
      commercialization of Cereport.

    • anyone in on original partnership if so what is
      the latest info on royalities i talked to Pops couple
      years ago he related we should start to receive in 2000
      / 2001 we all of the deals going on I am totally
      confused. I hope board is considering stock split. I have
      been since get go not getting out now just starting to
      put icing on cake.

    • Anyone heard any news concerning RMP-7 in the midst of ALKS' recent surge?

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