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  • stevecyester stevecyester Dec 24, 2009 4:51 PM Flag

    whether you like it or not, Obama will be your next president! (ha)

    I'd like to squash the entire health insurance industry NOT health care. The health insurance industry is absolutely superfluous and is absolutely NOT needed. Plus, they are responsible fol piling on an additional 30% to YOUR cost of health care and your premiums are an ever increasing farce. The American public has been duped and lied to into believing that what's good for them is bad and what's bad for them is good. It's a tribute to how much TV we watch and BS we swallow from CORPORATE owned and controlled media to be so shallow and vapid and inane and duped. Shame on us for being such an ignorant nation...the ONLY industrialized nation on the friggin' plane that does NOT provide universal health care for the people That's US) who pay all the bills and pick up all the tabs. Disgraceful. I'm as ashamed to be an American right now (again) as I was when the Bush lying/deceit machine talked you bozos into the Iraq tragedy. Truly a ship of fools.

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