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  • alsteele_99 alsteele_99 Mar 28, 2014 10:20 AM Flag

    not even a 1% bounce...

    even when markets go up 150+ and this stock gets sold off for 7+ days straight

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    • The market is peaking to you ...
      Are you listening to the real message that is the stock action or to wal st pros and pumpers ?
      Do you realize that visa pe ratiio is 28 indicating that expected growth is 28% when it is only growing 9% at best before this lawsuit ? And because it seems to be able to print money in the form of these huge that was the premise for the ridiculous valuation ? well that is being challenged on many fronts and with competiion as well as a slowing economy and fed cutting back stuimulus. For example american express premier company is grealty overpriced at pe 18 what does that say for V at 28 ?
      Think lock in your gains don't be greedy that is what I say .
      Do you own due diligence because I could be wrong but dont; expect to be
      I am shorting this overpriced market not visa in particular with an etf as i don;t see how it could go up but I have been wrong before gltu

    • That is probably why we have been going down, because people in the know sold!

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      • Wait till the volume rises this is nothing imo
        remember fannie mae was a can't lose stock and many others
        when the rules change you have to be ready to bail
        many who owned the financials and fanie learned that lesson the hard way
        this near monopoly situaiton for these companies are no longer stable and wall st will get out of them pklus the litigation costs goign foward Russia coinwallets overvaluation etc ok enuf said

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