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  • pctn25y pctn25y May 5, 2014 3:02 PM Flag

    ObamaCare Is HAMMERING Middle Class Americans


    My Health Insurance Premium went from $196 in 2009 (ObamaCare first began implementing in 2010) to $444 this year. Initial indications is that Obamacare policies will be unavailable for a 60 year old like me for less than $500 a month next year, for the highest-deductable "bronze" packages.

    Needless to say, I'm not participating in Obamacare. I'm using temporary, major medical policies instead... same coverage, deductables and co-pays for half the cost and better access to my Doctor. The only difference?... it doesn't cover pre-existing conditions.

    ObamaCare's #1 Objective was to provide free, or almost free medical coverage to Obama's top supporters (eg: the 46% of Americans who don't pay federal income taxes)...

    ... and force us Middle Class Americans to PAY for it, with health insurance premiums that are 40 to 50% higher than they WOULD be, if all they were insuring was our "insurable risk".

    Biggest Middle Class Tax Increase in History!!!

    And, if you DON'T Obey ObamaCare, then Obama sends the IRS after you to nail you for the "individual mandate" penalties.

    And, as we learned from Lois Lerner... the IRS KNOWS where you LIVE, and they KNOW what you HAVE.

    In 1993, we learned where Hillary stands on all of this... even MORE government control over your health and your doctor than OBAMACARE demands.

    Time to be scared, America. George Orwell's prognosis in 1984 is certainly coming TRUE.

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