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  • mgdavis56 mgdavis56 Mar 24, 2008 5:33 PM Flag

    what happens when the market is down 165 pts?

    Good God ! the average price of a gaalon of gas is 3.26 and these clowns can't make money? Either change management or sell out. What a Joke ! ! !

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    • the_great_majestic_rawdog the_great_majestic_rawdog Mar 25, 2008 12:50 PM Flag

      You are a moron! Go read or something. Don't you know refiners make their money on the difference between what they buy oil for and what they can sell gasoline for. Its called a crack spread and this year it has been awful! Oil was at $50-$60 a barrel last year and gas was $2.50. This year oil is at 100-110 and gas is at 3.25. Do you see the problem??? Oil is up 100% over the last year and gasoline is up only 30%. Of course it will be had to make any money on gasoline.

      Are you to stupid to understand gasoline is made from oil?

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