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  • ice_cold_549 ice_cold_549 Dec 4, 2010 4:37 PM Flag

    Oil Refineries & Physical Gold

    What I said at the beginning of the year is still valid.

    Oil in the ME is still a major topic. Now Egypt has found an off shore deposit. I didn't look into the details, I just heard something on the radio.

    Rumors still persist of oil in Israel. DK will be right there if there is.

    Dark days ahead!!

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    • Gold up

      Oil up

      Chaos up

      That should pretty much do it.

      But what really sucks is that my local Borders closed. Now where am I supposed to get my coffee?? I mean they put up the 'going out of business' signs the same day that bankruptcy was announced.

    • The Tamar and Leviathan natural gas fields could prove one of the largest discoveries in the world. It's the main news in Israel for days now.

      I guess typical American dolts don't have the ability to understand things beyond CNBC. Should the story hit the US airways, this board would become a mad house.

    • UN spurns Beirut on fixing sea border after Israel strikes gas

      January 5, 2011, 12:03 PM (GMT+02:00)

      The UN has turned down Lebanon's demand to intervene in delineating its sea border following Israel's discovery in the Mediterranean of the Leviathan gas well - billed as the world's biggest find in a decade. UN Spokesman Martin Nesirsky explained that UNIFIL's mandate applied to coastal waters, not to delineating maritime lines.

      Cyprus responded to the exchange by announcing it had licensed the Texas-based US firm Noble Energy - partners with Israel's Delek Energy group in the Leviathan project - to explore a 1,250 square-mile block bordering on Israeli waters. Leviathan, 80 miles off the Israeli port of Haifa, is claimed to contain an estimated 16 trillion cubic feet of gas.


      Meanwhile Helicopter Ben vainly tries to destroy gold by flooding the system with freshly created dollars.

      Gold and oil!!

    • Massive offshore reserve holds $45b. in natural gas

      Noble Energy: Israel has potential to be gas-exporting nation; Landau: Greatest earnings to be felt by citizens of Israel; GDP increases 4.5%.

      An offshore natural gas reserve contains some 16 trillion cubic feet of gas worth an estimated $45 billion, an energy corporation which owns a share of the project said on Wednesday.

      Partners in the Leviathan project include Israeli firms Delek Group Ltd., Delek Drilling LP, Avner Oil and Gas LP, and Ratio Oil Exploration.


      Not rumors anymore

    • The precious metals bull is causing a short squeeze that will have Helicopter Ben's eyes to pop out of his frog looking head. That clown was actually saying he's not printing money.

      True, he's creating fiat dollars out of bits and bytes using the computers at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. Doing so will turn a gold and silver bull into a stampede, unless of course they can herd the lemmings into another dotcom or real estate bubble.

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