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  • whack_moles whack_moles Mar 12, 2013 1:05 PM Flag

    DK US stockholders are screwed big time by the company!

    LOL. No wonder the stock crashed. The secondary offering is extremely bad deal for the U.S. stockholders. LOL. This is a transfer of wealth from the stupid U.S. investors to oversea big time. The U.S. shares will be diluted by 7.8 million shares while the money goes oversea. And even worse, the U.S. DK will spend precious cash to facilitate the transfer of money oversea. LOL. What a fool to be a U.S. investor of this company. LOL. I have never seen any company treated foolish U.S. investors like this. LOL. So dumb to own this stock!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • One has to be really, really dumb to still own this stock after the company screwed the U.S. investors like the biggest fools in the world. DK management crooks disguised the transfer of money oversea as stock repurchase when in fact that is a scheme to guarantee the U.S. stockholders' cash money will be transferred out of the U.S. to Hungary. It does not matter what price Hungary can sell DK stocks in the massive stock dump, at the very minimum, more than $30 million dollars of U.S. cash will be given to Hungary in the disguise of stock repurchase to make sure Hungary will at least get $30+ million dollars of cash from the U.S. U.S. investors should not have trusted this company at all. On the surface, this is #$%$. based company, but in reality, this is just a subsidiary of an Israel's company. The crooks of this company only have interest in creaming the stupid U.S. investors. LOL. So dumb to still own this stock. Your money could have done a lot better investing in GPRE when I recommended it here.

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    • Stupid longs need to better understand what is going on here. 7.8 million shares will be sold and all the money will go to Hungary. And even worse, the U.S. DK will spend its cash to buy the stocks that Hungary sells. It is a pure transfer of money from the U.S. to Hungary. Not only the U.S. will not get a dime of cash from the major dilution secondary offer of the U.S. DK stock, but also, the U.S. will lose cash in the process. LOL. I have never seen any secondary offering that screwed the U.S. investors as big as this one. How stupid are the longs to still own this stock? LOL.

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    • This deal is so fishy. I have never seen anything like this before. Man, this management really knows how to con. But this fishy deal can attract SEC attention. A big time transfer of U.S. stockholders money to the oversea.

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