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  • swihart_art swihart_art Mar 2, 2014 12:58 PM Flag

    KRED - My 2 Cents

    I'm in it loooooong....yes I was attracted by the promo....but when I researched more I was sold...never read a bad word about it's taste and after all, that's what it is all about......along with the health benefits...when they reach full distro across the country the sales will skyrocket = my shares go up (I think)...

    I'm new to investing and therefore introduced to the "Pump and Dump" arguments.

    I've watched this stock for the past 2-3 months and it amazes me that this by-product of one of the most traded commodities on earth can be a player in the beverage industry....I've read 78 billion annually.
    So instead of just blindly throwing my money at an ad online....I researched this company....A LOT....and it seems as the CEO has gone through an awful lot of trouble to just sell a bunch of stock off and make profit.

    Here is why I'm sold....and I REPEAT....I AM A NEWBIE...these could be good or bad without my knowledge but it's what influenced my decision through research or what you guys call DD...
    -----They are carried in major stores.
    ----- They won their lawsuit and then licensed with VDF
    ----- They had a huge 12 mil... investment by Lincoln Capital
    ----- The hired Slash Beverage to help them market and distribute.
    -----The just signed deals for Wines and Spirits stores in Nevada as well as a bunch on the east coast.
    -----Expanded to 80 more stores in Canada (international is good)
    -----They sponsor events and athletes
    -----They have contracted for a steady supply of the berries. I've read that the CEO Shaun Roberts is close to the owner of the nearby Kona coffee farm.
    -----heck they even have a cool music video on youtube with some island music...
    -----I've seen the videos of the packaging facility
    -----they could be acquired by a big brand like Pepsi or Coke...I'm already researching what that would mean to me and my investment....

    now the real much is the stock actually worth? I'm even right now at 6,000 and looking to grow with it...

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