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    • First: I just bought ASKJ @ 1.15 AH after the news.
      Second: ITRI already in huge chunk of the debt, and debt will build up to burn their cash (Only 20 mil left).
      Third: They could repurchase up to as many as 813,800(do you think it alot?? Less than 5% of outstanding). But how much a shares that low enough for them to buy it back ($2.00 ??? Don't forget that they sold above $30). They are smart!! You should sell your shares after they sold their. Only you so stupid to hold it until now.
      Fouth: Becarefull. They knew something you don't know...
      Fifth: LOOK AT WCOME!

    • bunkerdog/yourmamaboyfried:

      do you really think that the solution is buying ASKJ stocks? am i suppose to take serious some moron promoting an internet services company? am i suppose to take seriously someone who is giving only INCOMPLETE FACTS. i am sorry that you put so much money into ASKJ at 3 dollars or more. you are an idiot if you think you will find suckers here.

      Please, explain where and how ITRI paid off a huge chunk of the debt? explain how they are able to do a BUY BACK? why are they doing so much better than anyone else in their industry class? if you cannot answer that, then it will prove you are an IDIOT!!! how many IDs are you gonna create that i will ahve to IGNORE?

    • At least the silly comments offer another way to examine the validity of the analysis. The company is amall in comparison with other industries, or the gas industry itself that it serves, among others. As the industry progresses, it will go to more automation instead of human meter readers and ITRI has more potential. The analysis is assuming a limited potential and a somewhat saturated scenario.

    • The tiny company has only 20mil cash.
      The insider own less 2% shares (they don't give a shit about the shares holders). And they sold 56% of their shares past 6 months.
      That whay it droped 33% today, even the best quarter ever report can't save them. Only Moron who buy @ 14.

    • there sure is a lot of dummies on these boards. how about the idiot who said i was slamming the people who had VALID INFORMATION? funny, i bet the moron cannot even be specific and back up his reasons for believing their validity. so he says -- blanketly that I must be wrong!!! shows they do not want to do real DD investigation, they just want to play fear-mongering jerks rather than using their brains. they are probably still playing video games in high school. there seems no doubt about it. this is a gift. no one could have believed that another ideal re-entry point was possible. i think the fella who said the AH high volume was an indication that people know this will rebound. another upgrade might happen soon too... cannot you believe that bunkerdog taking credit for First ALbany? i made room for him on ignore finally. what a lot of worthless ignorant noise.

    • That is true, but it makes me wonder how automated the trading computer progams are to do this. I know there weren't 100,000 sellers and buyers out there doing all this in a disconnected, individual trade.

    • demonstrate ONE place where someone presented sincere VALID information where i slammed them, that was specifically relevent to today? and please, explain why their position was valid or real? i sort of think hkestenholz and i are getting down to some solid facts. please, tell us one REALLY VALID piece of information that i slammed? explain why it was so valid. if you do not answer, then i will assume that YOU KNOW YOU ARE A LYING SCUM!!!!you act like anomolies like this never happen to good stocks with great fundamentals? it happens all the time. this is where buffett says the buying ops are!!!

    • Thanks for asking the hard questions nonprofit, it is refreshing after all the junk that goes across this net. Four smart people in two days is rare.

    • ITRI is one of the very BEST performing companies on the market. they have paid off large chunk of their debt, they are increasing earnings, and they are BUYING BACK!!! i asked the SEC to investigate First Albany's trades in Itron in the last month. that was a super GROSS downgrade. not even close to all the other analyst ratings.

    • get lost RETARD. did they let you out of the crib today? go back to school! a "tiny" company. where do you get you fundamentals, moron?

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