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  • dilbert1225 dilbert1225 Oct 15, 2002 10:12 AM Flag

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    There is a gap up this morning it will fill the gap, I am out on this peak.

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    • yes, they no doubt have a lot of power when faced with large orders for redemptions. in addition, imagine the power that hedge funds have placing huge orders to sell.

    • Good move to jump out. The shorts are out, so to get on with the Greenspan bust-the-bubble plan it is time for the MM's to run ALL stocks down so the market gets below 1000. Perhaps another trillion can be wrung from the investment plans. It is time for the fed to start raising interest rates to kill the economy further. Or was that the Taliban? Greenspan rhymes so well with his buddies.

      I still wonder what would have happened if he kept the interest rate below 4-1/2 instead of raising it to 6-1/2 against ALL economists historical recommendations. Well, so far we have only had the worst recession since the 20's. Sorry, not supposed to discuss macroeconomics, thats the reserve of university profs.

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      • quick answer:

      • on pull back days, it is very interesting to see which stocks/sectors pull back the most. the portfolio i am holding now has not taken much of a loss, maybe 1%, while other sectors are taking the larger portion of the pull back. if you track at USPIX with the market, it becomes somewhat more interesting. if you really believe that tech is still busting, you might look into USPIX or one of its sister funds. some analysts might be right, this market will have not direction until NEW leadership is established... and that some investors are still looking to tech as the leader. it seems clear to me that the sell offs during the summer was mutual fund redemptions, after foreign money moved out. but, the powers that be just stood by and did nothing.

      • hkestenholz, you are very amusing, i have to hand it to you. i have missed your input here -- but did not you unload at much lower prices? i do somewhat agree with you about Greenspan. did you know he was an Ayn Rand protege? if we are to assume that the "free enterprise" drive is really to create more powerful monopolies and concentrate the wealth into the hands of fewer and fewer individual, you just might be right! i think this is what George Soros has tried to warn about. have you read his book? or Natural Capitalism? history does bear out that tendency resulting from boom and busts. but what do you make of all of those mutual fund redemptions? foreign money leaving? etc. i cannot see the Dow below 1000... or did you mean Nas? or you feeling Ok? there are still going to be some of us who buy and hold strong companies. as for ITRI, it appears to be in a healthy trading range that has slowly moved up. it has solid earnings and growth. i have a 3+ year horizon with 3000 shares. i had more, but sold them at 18.91 a while back. i think that this huge four day rally is a BIG indication as to how seriously oversold the market was -- far more than the 800 points it has moved. we will see. i am avoiding any high risk speculative stocks, and surely recommend others to do so too.

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