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  • just_the_facts_mam2000 just_the_facts_mam2000 Jul 21, 2003 11:53 AM Flag

    This board is hilarious!

    I�ve been watching this board for some while now since my company indirectly does business with Itron. I have begun visiting it more often recently for my stress break to laugh at Sweet and his antics. It is absolutely hilarious how he lumps everyone who doesn�t think Itron is the greatest company in the world as one person, and yet he is obviously outnumbered. He also claims that anyone who posts a negative or cautionary note is a paid basher.

    Here are the facts; Itron is (was) a good company. They got greedy and started buying all of these other companies. And they bought dying companies at that! (Not exactly Buffet style, is it?) So far, not one of them has contributed positively to the bottom line, to which CEO in his conference calls has repeatedly been apologizing for making these purchases and stating his �disappointment� and then the normal we expect them to do better next quarter. Then Itron goes out and spends more than their annual revenue on a flailing division of another company. Adams and JMP downgrade Itron almost immediately. I am sure there are more to come. Itron should have cut their own losing divisions and focus on what got them where they are (were) in the first place. Instead, they go out and assume more, significantly more, debt. Sweet, I�m not bashing � just stating the facts. So save your breath.

    In my opinion, this is do or die time for Itron. It is probably too late for them to play coyote girl with their acquisitions now, and they are stuck with them. If their acquisitions don�t start contributing in the next 2 quarters, I fear that Itron will fall with all of their acquisitions lack of performance. Sweet, that�s my opinion, and you are free to debate that opinion. (Don�t attack me personally and call me names and tell me I�m stupid like you normally do everyone else, just debate the opinion with your own opinion on the subject � if you can.)

    Sweet is nothing but a PAID supporter and I suspect HE is the one posting under multiple names. And the word �supporter� isn�t really applicable here because it seems that he actually just personally bashes and attacks anyone who doesn�t think Itron is the greatest company in the world. And how he does this with such a low posting board is amazing. No, I�m not Bunker, I�m not Preacher, I�m not StockPicker, etc., so don�t even try to pull that stunt, Sweet. And don�t try your typical paid basher trick either because I�m not. With these rules in place, I doubt you�d even be able to respond.

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    • The facts are never known, the chart looks like the short sellers are ahead and making sure the buyers will not get more than $20 as they take Itron down once again.

    • You said << If it wasn't the acquistions, what else was it? >> Don't pretend to know.

      I'm not that smart.

      But, I am smarter than you.

    • Waote - Must of touched another nerve in you. Out of all the stuff I posted, the only thing you can dispute is that I said "NEAR 38 around a year ago" and you come back with 36.5 last April. Sounds about the same to me. But if you want to get all excited about this approximation, I stand corrected; The FACT is that they were EXACTLY 36.5 on the third Thursday of last April. Thanks for the correction, Woate. That really changes my post.

      I think it is rather funny that you would think my theory would happen overnight. Look at the steady decline as the continued to make the acquisitions. If it wasn't the acquistions, what else was it?

    • The high was 36.50 -- not 38. It was the third thursday of April -- remembered well by myself for I sold mucho the next day when my covered 35 calls were exercised -- not sometime in March to coincide with your "ITRI acquired too high, to quickly" theory.

      I personally think our CEO has bought too much. Still think he's worth the ben o the doubt.

      You wrote about our unabashed cheerleader <<< Sweetie doesn�t have the capacity to respond this way. If she did, her credibility might actually rise up into positive territory. >>>

      Your credibility could use a good shot in the arm. Try sticking with the same ID -- and get your 'just the facts' a little more factual.

    • It sure is nice to know that Sweetie won�t be around here for a while. Now we can have some honest discussion without listening to her jump in and personally attack anyone who challenges anything about Itron. I�m surprised Nosbaum let her have a vacation since she apparently is such a good Yes Man! (Maybe he took her on vacation with him?) It sure is nice to get a decent response from someone like Cowboy, and it�s too bad Sweetie doesn�t have the capacity to respond this way. If she did, her credibility might actually rise up into positive territory. Oh well, she might as well stick with what she is good at.

      Cowboy, look at what you actually posted. Linesoft contributed only � million in the first quarter of 2002? And you are proud of that? Let�s see here, extrapolated out that would be $2m for the year. And Nosbaum paid HOW MUCH for that company? ($42m for those of you that don�t know.) Linesoft did end up much better than that the end of the year at $9m in total revenue, but this was a 36% drop over their previous year�s revenue ($14m). However, this number is still a little bit misleading as it was reorganized into the T&D Delivery Optimization group which pulled in some other revenue streams besides what Linesoft brought to the table. 1st quarter revenue this year is in line with last years, so very little change in that department. Itron�s own propaganda only claims that two utilities purchased any of their software last year, and that was their �LD-PRO� Distribution program. I find it interesting that not a single utility has purchased any of their �TL-PRO� Transmission program, which Nosbaum so proudly took credit for them releasing only months after their acquisition. Think about that one.

      Cowboy, you need to watch how you inter-mix �Itron�s� numbers and those of their acquisitions. Here�s a fact; Linesoft, Emobile Data, & RER only contributed $12m in total revenue for 2002. Consider how much of the R&D expenditures these companies ate up along with their normal operating expenditures and it is quick to see how much of a bite they took out of Itron. Now consider how much money Itron paid for these companies to begin with. Ouch! I agree with you that Itron is continuing to make money. But just think how much more money they would have made if they hadn�t made such poor decisions in dragging these loser acquisitions along. With the additional $130+m from these questionable purchases, and the hit their stock took because of them, they would have been able to purchase SEM without going into debt to the tune of $300m, but probably half of that or less. Your whole post is claiming that Itron�s numbers have been helped by their acquisitions, which is simply not the case. And Nosbaum PUBLICLY agrees with this! I�ll state my case again; Itron has not done a very good job in making smart acquisitions, paying WAY too much for companies that were already losing money. Apparently the market (and some of their analysts) agrees with me on that fact. It is a shame all you delusional (better get that dictionary out again Sweetie) people here can�t see that.

      Sweetie, in case Nosbaum lets you come up for air during your vacation and you are reading this, the reason Itron took out so much debt in their acquisition of SEM, is because they had virtually no cash left after their loser SE acquisition. You apparently have been suckered again by their propaganda that the low cost of �debt� was the best way for them to make this acquisition � the FACT is that they had no other method to make this purchase! And I don�t know where you get off saying that Itron has made you lots of money, being at nearly 38 a year ago and dropping down to nearly 12 all during your cheerleading and personal attacks of those that were warning everyone of the inevitable � unless you were shorting your own company against your own cheerleading (which I seriously doubt you would do).

    • Not sure what you mean by 'grasping the simple', and I'm certainly not short Itron, but instead considering investing in the company. Nevertheless, I've owned two companies which reported better sales and earnings in recent times, but which have recently been delisted.

    • I don�t have time to go over the past 3 years of ups�and more ups..but humm..Linesoft? Linesoft operations contributed over � million to revenues during the 1st quarter of 2002. Acquisition completed in March.
      They're software and engineering consulting services for optimizing utilitiy transmission and distribution systems. Itron STRONGER THAN EXPECTED FIRST QUARTER 2002 RESULTS (1st quarter) Revenues Up 31% From 2001 To $62.1 Million.
      Itron is in the business of optimizing the delivery and use of energy and water. They do that by bringing knowledge to their customers about how and when their customers use energy and water. �Linesoft� helps the customers better and more efficiently design and utilize transmission lines, distribution lines and substations other words � DELIVERY SYSTEMS, be that wires or pipes that bring energy and water.
      Ahh..Emobile Data & RER? They provide forecasting services and software products to improve system operation, scheduling, risk management and financial performance. Not to mention consulting and analysis services. They help Itron�s utility customers automate and manage their employees and the work each employee performs.
      Third Quarter 2002 Net Income Increases 53% Over 2001 On Revenue Increase Of 20%.
      RECORD FINANCIAL RESULTS FOR 4th Quarter AND FULL YEAR 2002 revenues up 26% over 2001.
      AND..Silicon Energy? Leading provider of enterprise energy management software solutions that enable utilities, energy service providers, state and local government, and large energy users�blah blah.. to efficiently manage and apply energy consumption information, optimize the delivery and use of energy, mitigate risk, control energy costs, and optimize energy procurement. Not bad..
      First quarter revenues of $74.6 million were 20% HIGHER than first quarter 2002 revenues. Second quarter revenues were $80.3 million, up $7.8 million over 2002.
      I do see a trend. I see a company that has a plan and is working to accomplish it. Aquiring companies that will assist in their goal.. Geez.. I guess they keep making money every quarter.. wow.. the employees keep getting profit sharing every year..humm..
      How can a company that keeps moving towards their goal AND keeps making more and more money every succeed? I�m being sarcastic, for those of you that can�t grasp the simple.

    • I see you made yet another desperate post trying to scare people away from this stock, so you can try to get your money back from shorting it. Too bad, so sad, I am one of the many who have already collected big bucks from your failures in that plan.

      About Itron: the FACTS (which you avoid) speak for themselves....... Itron has been making million$, and million$, and million$, ALL during the market drops over the last 3 years, EVERY Quarter, and have been buying company after company, after company, and still hiring besides, and STILL making million$, and million$ and million$.

      Please read all the posts to understand which IDs are stating facts in this board, and who is rambling.

      I rest my case, and I'm going on vaction, (spending lots of the money I have taken from the shorter who goes by several IDs in here, including "just_the_farts_man").

      Thats why he is so sad. All of us longs in here have his money.

      Talk about LOL!


    • Sweetie,

      It seems like I may touched another nerve in you. Why can�t you ever have a logical post anything instead of getting all excited and personally attacking everyone? I can just see you frothing at the mouth every time someone dare criticizes your dearly beloved company. Did you get all sad because I didn�t post anything on Monday? I would have to laugh if you really think that I would spend any of my weekend paying attention to the Yes Man on this board. I don�t check this board every free minute of my life like you do, but I�ll try to post everyday from now on so you don�t feel left out.

      I�m not sure where you are going with the �address the issues� topic. It is you that ominously (there�s that word again � better get the dictionary out) avoids any logical discussion and reverts to childish temper tantrums. (Wipe that foam of your lower lip). You know, it is interesting that you tell me to read the post. You see, I do, and have been for some time - that is why I am here now posting; I am challenging you actually discuss some facts instead of your lame personal attacks that you have done for the past year (at least) instead of touting (get the dictionary again) actual facts about Itron. Cowboy actually tried to post some facts, and I respect that.

      Speaking of Cowboy, and since Cowboy posted something serious to discuss, I will gladly respond. I say �try� to post facts because a copy and paste of a press release by a company aren�t facts. It is evident that none of you are in the industry or even �in the know� of the industry at all. If you were, you would know what a light weight LineSoft is in the industry. Revenues of LineSoft in 2001 may have been $14m, but did anybody stop to check their profits for the year? Did anyone here know that LineSoft was on the ropes and Itron bailed them out? Did anyone know here that several of their top people left the company for competitors after this buyout? Sweetie, have you thought about what LineSoft did to generate this $14m? Most of their income was in Joint Use. Do you know what Joint Use is? It is adding fiber optic and cable TV to distribution poles, a.k.a telecommunications. Has anyone here thought about what has happened since the Winter of 2001? Have you checked lately for out of work telecommunications people? Do you know how much Joint Use Itron (LineSoft) is doing today? Think about it. Or better yet, Sweetie, next time you are allowed on the top floor, just ask Nosbaum. Sure, they�ve shuffled the division a little now and are trying to compete on the consulting side now, but do you think that the LineSoft acquisition is still contributing anywhere near $14m in revenue? With all the clients that they have been losing since their acquisition, there is no way. And while you are talking to Nosbaum, Sweetie, ask him why he spent $42m of YOUR money for a company with only $14m in revenue and a lot less than that since then. You might also want to brush up on what he has publicly said about his mistakes on this before you make a fool of yourself in front of your boss.

      You guys should really check out these companies instead of just relying on their press releases.

    • And it took you how many days to come up with that????

      Pul-eeze.. Address the issues we have presented (and not dream up new ones in each post you make) or go away. You are wasting peoples time by posting such garbage. I and several others here have pointed out the real facts.

      You are so worried about losing your shirt after shorting this stock that you will post anything, and try anything to drive it down. To prove I am wrong on that, just stop posting in here for a year, and see what happens to the stock price. Else, keep posting (or make a new ID again) and you will prove me correct about you, for the 100th time.

      Another option would be for you to actually put the time in and read the posts.

      Perhaps, then you will realize how really stupid you actually sound. (Everyone else already knows it about you, so you might as well join the party.)

      Its just worthless trying to discuss anything with you. Are you even an adult?

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