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  • hotformoney hotformoney Nov 12, 2005 8:11 PM Flag

    Going Nowhere!

    Right space (automated meter reading equipment) - wrong company!

    This company continues to sell a lot of meter reading equipment but the stock is dead money and grossly overvalued!

    They continue to grow the top line but when they start expensing stock options, nothings going to drop to the bottom line.

    The insiders are all about enriching themselves. They have a total lack of concern for shareholder value, other than their own.

    Move on and find a more shareholder frienly company and lose this house of cards. Don't pay attention to the stock price because its all backed by hype from wall street MM.

    If I'm wrong, SHOW ME THE MONEY!

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    • We have a tango going between Sweet "DD" 99 (those are big!) and gi "TIT" know (the military angle). Got Mud!

    • No bickering here.

      All I said was I didn't think investors should take the word of any disgruntled ex-employee (which you clearly proved you were in your post #5221) as gospel truth.

      That's when you went off and got defensive.
      Wasn't trying to put you down.
      If you feel put down by people pointing out a simple fact about you, that's your problem. Not mine.
      You even resort to name calling.
      How mature.
      How sad for you to be like that.

      All facts.

    • As I said earlier sweetd(umb)d(erelict)99, you are irrelevant. I do not find your bickering constructive so this is my last response to you because you, instead of, being productive, you try to put people down. This is who you are and I pity you because you must live a miserable life. All near-humans, who put others down live a miserable life and you are not exception. You are going to be a loser with this pos and you deserve it due to your attitude and obnoxious nature. Have a life!


    • You are defensive. Your post proves it.
      I did not consider what you typed as �straitening me out�.
      I considered it as �yammering�. Defensive yammering.
      And if you didn�t care what I thought, you�d not reply again.

      Again, I pity you. I don�t care if you care about it.

      And I don�t care if you like your life.
      Glad you are �OK� with it.
      Some people always settle for less.
      That�s okay, it�s your choice.

      I wish you good luck in all you do.

    • I agree with you 100%. Up until several months ago I worked in Itron. The company is not only NOT shareholder-centric but they handle employees in a very heavy-handed manner. Reorganizations and layoffs are rampant (usually several of them in one year) seemingly without proper and careful planning. What they reorganize to in February they undo it in July going back to the old organization. This is a specific example from 2004. The company has lot of ra-ra-ra without solid product plans. They improvise on the fly and have no strong management vision apart from the fact that they seem to be thinking only for themselves. Their largest problem is that surprises are rampant in all of their processes. The processes are either not documented or documented but not adhered to. Decision making is procrastinated and happen in the last minute many times based on whim or gutfeel. In my opinion the company may go up and down for a while but in the long run they will suffer. Believe me, I was there.


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