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  • jjmach99 jjmach99 Dec 16, 2005 11:12 PM Flag

    Latest contract...

    announced w/ CNE. They are getting bought out.
    Could this be the reason for big drop?

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    • so your an itron stooge eh?

      you missed the picture a few weeks back from a presentation slide that echelon gave in canada. was a round meter. it'll be out soon.
      you have a number of other misstatements in your two posts here but we'll hash this out on the other board.

    • Good point. Now that Itron has meters, their competitive threat has changed. Their strategic vision is amazing... hardware, software, services, etc. I feel that IF Echelon ever becomes a regular competitor in the U.S., Itron can always become a "VAR" of sorts--ie, build lonworks into their meters and purchase concentrators from Echelon; just one scenario. That looks past the transformer issue. Itron does own some lon assets; they inherited one lonworks meter from Schlumberger.

      I also like your earlier comment regarding deregulation.
      <deregulation has not signifcantly improved most small customers ability to realize significant energy savings>

      As a residential consumer, how much can I save?... x% of the 'generation' portion of the bill?

    • Couldn't agree more. I don't see Elon doing anything that Itron can't and probably for less cost. IMO, the largest market for new meters is residental and utilities will not spend capital dollars for features that will not be cost effective. Seems to me Itron is nicely positioned to sell a lot of remote reading devices that can be upgraded when the need arises.

    • Charlie is pumping again.

      <Nevertheless, Itron offers a full array of energy monitoring and management services and should be very competitive with Echelon and other such suppliers.>

      Echelon predicts it will release its ANSI (U.S. market) meter mid 2006. No threat to Itron on the metrology side, and probably no threat AMR-wise considering the elon coms is powerline. Not cost effective in the U.S. market.

      Echelon offers an IEC (square) meter for non-ANSI markets including many if not all countries in Europe. In this regard, Itron is not competitive with Elon. Elon also offers a communications network for this meter. Their complete "solution" has yet to be purchased in full by any VAR. I don't see elon impinging on Itron marketshare anytime.

    • more news from elon today..announced a var arrangement with a company to provide nes in eastern europe and russia. the pieces are coming together for a major push starting in 2006 with tornado implications in 2007.

    • I don't know what Itron charges for an ERT device which is an electronic device that attaches to the existing meter. I do know that certain utilities charge customers $140 for the installation of an Itron ERT device, when the devices are not being installed system wide at the expense of the utility. Probably the largest part of the cost is labor, so the costs for the device are apparently similar. I agree that the devices offer the potential for energy savings. However, most industrial and commercial customers are curently aware of the potential for energy savings and have taken advantage of the opportunities using a variety of technologies. The opportunities for significant energy savings by smaller customers are less, and deregulation has not signifcantly improved most small customers ability to realize significant energy savings. Nevertheless, Itron offers a full array of energy monitoring and management services and should be very competitive with Echelon and other such suppliers.

    • How much is a typical Itron meter? Echelon's two way communication meters are approximately $70-80 per household installed. Not too expensive considering the cost savings and multi-functional use. I agree Europe is more advanced than the U.S. but the uses of the smart meter go way beyond small accounts to encompass residential and commercial accounts.
      Consumers will emphatically embrace smart meters in the United State and elsewhere as utility costs continue to escalate and cost savings can be passed on to the consumer as well as the utility.

    • Thanks! Info was very informative. The Echelon package of equipment does much more than simply read meters. However, the additional capabilities are no doubt more expensive to install and probably more useful to European utilities many of which are more advanced in energy conservation and load management for small accounts. Itron also offers load management and sytem control capabilities, but not unless the utility is willing to separetly purchase the capabilities. I think the problem with offering a full range of capabilities for small residental accounts is that the utilities are currently reluctant to make the capital investment for something that consumers may not embrace and regulators may not let them recover.

    • By looking at the chart, Itron has a great year. Echelon on the other hand hasn't from a stock price perspective. I'm not a technician but I'd imagine the Bollinger bands are pretty tight for Echelon and the stock price could really move upward from this point. A couple of more great news releases would do the trick.
      Itron is definitely a company on the move, I'll be keeping an eye on it in 2006.

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