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  • stevegoff420 stevegoff420 Feb 17, 2009 4:17 PM Flag

    the best play on Obama!

    Hands down the best and most direct way to play president Obama's smart energy
    grid remarks and future plans. He made direct reference to "smart meter"
    technology. See old post below. I sold some above $60 and bought back some
    today. at near it's days low. It's all about dollar cost averaging (down) in
    these volatile times......hence Traders Paradise

    see below old post(s)

    Keep an eye on for buy in my opinion

    Itron (ITRI)

    Itron shares are falling as software issues delay advanced metering
    infrastructure deployments

    Asked by π - 4 days ago - 5 answers - 25 views

    Digi International Inc. (DGII)....just hopped in bed w/ Itron Inc.
    (ITRI).....these two companies make wireless ELECTRIC/WATER meter reading and
    shut off for NON possible.
    They are key players in the "Smart Electrical Grid" trades


    see below old post

    If ya think electric is going to be a big part of our future....check Itron
    (ITRI) out. They make the meters that make sure the electric companies get
    dime you owe them. They make water meters also and they're wireless read via
    transmitters. Every new electric meter I have seen over the last two years has
    been a Itron meter....and I've seen alot...that's all the power companies are
    using. A sneak infrastructure play this is.

    Itron Inc. (ITRI) last @ $50.13 +2.60 (+5.47%)

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    Asked by π - 9 days ago - 2 answers - 39 views

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    • There isn't anyone pumping Itron on Echelon's board bacause there is nothing to pump. Just is fun to get you riled up. I am sure Itron will do well in the AMI market. I just believe Echelon will get a greater share of the 'smart grid pie' relative to its market cap than Itron...resulting in a better performing stock.

      Not an employee of Echelon or a paid poster. Have been in and out of Echelon many times. Average cost is around $8 for current position. Hoping to see $30 witin a year or so. Only time will tell....

    • Again you make my point by posting in here. You elon pumpers are so predictable.... Paid to post regardless of how foolish it makes you look.

      I'm not defensive, I'm only pointing out the obvious facts.

      You obviously are the paranoid one... feeling the need to be here at all.

      How many Itron pumpers do you see in the elon board? Zero!

      So buying elon near $104 and holding till it reaches about $14 is sound investing. Riiiiiiight, gotcha.

      Are you going to prove my point again by posting in here pumping elon? If your product could stand on its own you would not.

      If you want to prove YOU are paranoid and scared, trying desperately to get just some (oh God, please just some, as you pray on your knees every night) of your investment losses in elon stock back, you will post in here again.

      If you are confident in your stock pick and you are not paid to post in here, you will not feel the need and you will not.

    • You are a paranoid one, aren't you. Wonder why you get so defensive. Maybe it's because you know Echelon is the better investment. I've done well over the years with ELON. Buy low, sell high. It works. You should try it.

    • And after that "double" they would still be down about 70% over 9 years, as you likely are.

      Wow, such a great investment! "Lose 70% over about a 9 year span!" Looks great in a prospectus, I'd say. That sure tells us all something about echelon products overall.... "Invest in Echelon and lose 70% of your money!!!" Cool. I'm all in.

      It's obvious that Mutual Funds, Money Managers, banks, etc, have had no interest in echelon over the last 9 years (other than to sell it). And rightfully so. Now the company has to pay people to try to recruit investors (suckers) from the message boards of other companies.

      How low can a company go? (Sorry, I guess I've just proved that.)

      Again, if your product could stand on its own, you (and your employers) wouldn't feel the need to be in here trying to pump the stock.

      Every time you post you simply prove the point more.

    • For you investors out there, I would hope you agree that what is important is how the stock performs. Let's say Itron is very successful in the 'Smart Grid / AMI' space....even more successful than Echelon. I'll still bet Echelon's stock price doubles long before Itron's does. Benefit of being a small company with no debt. Any takers?

    • Reacting to posts with lies and generalities?

      The propaganda machine is nicely oiled I see. Doesn't surprise me. Another desperate move by another desperate elon shareholder.

      Itron has some legacy meters because they bought Schlumbeger who made legacy meter for decades.

      But the "meter" in Houston isn't legacy and you know it. Ever hear of "Open Way" meters? Sure you have. That's exactly why you are in here.

      Lets talk in 5 years and see who is right. Till then, try to admit if your product was good enough to stand on its own your employer wouldn't feel the need to pay you to be in here.

      So sad.

    • US stimulus crucial for 'smart grid' - industry
      Tue Feb 17, 2009 3:37pm EST

      By David Lawsky

      SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 17 (Reuters) - The electric power industry and manufacturers
      say $4.5 billion in the $787-billion U.S. economic stimulus package will give a
      crucial boost to "smart grids" that will help the nation save money and

      "This will have long-term results," said Thomas Kuhn, head of Edison Electric
      Institute, trade association for privately owned electric utilities which serve
      75 percent of the country's electric customers. "It's an awfully big leg up."

      full read here

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