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  • TwinCty_Pab TwinCty_Pab Jan 21, 2010 9:21 AM Flag

    ELO signs with Echelon

    Looks like ELO dropped Itron and signed on with Echelon. 100 million metering points in Latin America.

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    • Uh, no. You are wrong again. Or more accurately, looks like you lied again, all in another desperate attempt to try to get folks interested in the company which pays you to post in competitors' boards.

      The FACT is that the article you reference says that your employer was added as a 2nd source for that company. (2nd source: As in supplemental, or extra, or non-critical.)

      There is nothing about Itron being dropped at all.

      If you have any actual evidence (i.e. an actual link to data backing up your lie that Itron was dropped) and not just more lies and blathering, feel free to post it.

      Otherwise, we just note that your posting is proof that your products can't stand on their own and don’t make a profit for your company. Thats exactly why you are in here.

      There is a very logical reason your employer is so scared of Itron.

    • That is exactly what I said you moron.....I agree with you. Looks like most meters will be ELO meters using NES. ELO may choose to be a reseller of Echelon meters in other instances (unlikely). Still, we will dominate Latin America leaving little market share for Itron. Truth hurts.

      Per a99skier (I agree)
      You see, ELO will be making the meters, NOT Echelon.
      They will be ELO meters (using NES technology).
      They will NOT be Echelon meters as you state.

    • Glad you agree that you and your employer will do ANYTHING to try to get people to buy your stock because your products cant stand on their own. You have to go into boards of other companies and PLEAD with priople to take notice of your crap products and company, which certainly dont make money for your employer. Else, your stock price wouldn't have FALLEN from OVER $100 to LESS THAN $10 in about 10 years.

      THAT was my point. And you know it. Thats why you avoided it, as always.

      And you proved my point yet AGAIN by posting again.

      Why do I have to explain things to you two or three times?

      Oh yeah, you aren't paid to think. You are just paid to post.

      You have no winning argument so you call people names.

    • Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? Just asking...

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