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  • gpstracker101 gpstracker101 Sep 26, 2011 1:14 PM Flag

    Nasbaum's problem

    rightofway: I believe what they are saying is that the network is capable of communicating with the gas meters; however the communication units in the gas meters are not Echelon. There is no power available near water or gas meters so there is no opportunity to place PLC in a water or gas meter application. In the application referenced, it appears that the gas meter AMR unit utilizes the Lonworks protocol so it can communicate with NES, but it does not utilize PLC

    The radio for gas and water meter applications must be extremely low power because it must survive on battery power for years. It is also wireless because there are simply no wires at the water or gas meter. As far as I know, Echelon has no low power wireless technology. As such, they cannot generate much hardware revenue from water or gas meter sales. At best, they might be able to sell a processor chip into the AMR unit but my guess is that the power consumption of their chip is too high for these applications.

    Itron actually sells both the meter and the AMR units.

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