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  • gpstracker101 gpstracker101 Sep 23, 2011 1:55 PM Flag

    ITRI vs. ELON

    (twincity): "From Echelon's website: ....meshed RF grid solutions rely on proprietary communications technology that limits a utility's choices once the solutions are deployed."

    Clearly Echelon (a company that lives or dies by PLC) would not emphasize one particular proprietary RF MESH technology and focus their comments on that technology...would they? So, are you suggesting that ZigBee is a closed, proprietary technology? What about that proprietary also? There are standards activities underway in both NA and Europe to define standard wireless elements of the smart grid. You might check the WiFi and Zigbee alliances to see what they are doing relative to smart grid initiatives.

    You also seem to be missing a significant point: there is the pipe (PLC, wired, wireless), there is the protocol that manages data through the pipe, and there are the applications which utilize the data sent over the pipe. The applications do not care how the pipe is constructed or what protocols are used....they simply utilize the data received. An application can work with virtually any network topology and any protocol.

    As an Ecehlon employee, you should be proud of your company and you should believe in what they do. However, as an investor you should attempt to be less biased and consider more information than what is published on the company website...just my opinion.

    Best of luck on your investments.

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