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  • brutalone brutalone Dec 23, 1997 7:18 AM Flag

    Unbiased Reply

    Itron is a company that has suffered an injustice. The company has strong products in the AMR market, however, "new
    technology" keeps the stock price at bay. What analysts do not understand is that this company has perfected many types of interfaces
    that work with new meters and "retrofit" to most old styles. This is the key. Most utilities do not have the money to replace
    their existing meter inventories with a so called " new technology". Also the time spent in perfecting the interfaces that work
    with most meters in all types of weather conditions takes a substantial amount of R&D and ..had to say "trial and error + time in
    the field" Itron has went through all of this whereas no other competitor can say this. The competition Cellnet (bankrupt..only
    is alive because the utilities that bought in own part of the company), Enron, Schlumberger, Motorola can not say they have
    this experience.

    Will a utility buy an untested product ? possible..however you will find that Itron will be making more agreements with these new technologies in a partnership type of situation. Itron has a lot going for them and will do well once all of the "new tech. hype clears". Just look.. The behemoth, Schlumberger has already succumbed to Itron making partnership agreements. Major accomplishment.

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