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  • itausam itausam Jul 6, 1998 5:22 PM Flag

    Itron news released

    after lunch hour indicates they have been awarded
    a contract by the People of Chine but this news
    didn't change the direction of the stock price that went
    down 19/32 for the day. Does anyone have an
    explanation for today's drop? Itausam

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    • its that your post didnt seem to have much to
      respond to.
      "you believe" the bottom has been reached
      and the trend will
      change. uh huh... based on
      what? by the way, at no point
      did i mention that i
      am vested in any direction.


    • I'm not so sure you're getting the straight
      scoop. If you noticed the quarterly report, it stated
      that the layoffs were going to cause ITRI to lose
      another 8-13 cents per share. Typically layoffs cause the
      stock to rise. They still are looking at losing money
      even after restructuring. More than likely, they will
      be bought out by a bigger fish. They're not the only
      compnay in the a market, and they definitely don't have a
      lot of capital to manuever with.

    • Your greed will get the best of you. If ITRI does
      not hit another new
      low today, it could
      definitely signal a trend reversal. You seem to have

      ignored my previous post. Your overconfidence in yourself
      will catch
      up with you sooner or later in your

    • the year chart seems to show a strange upper left
      hand corner
      to lower right hand corner slant. kind
      of like the titanic in
      its last hours. this
      appearance is normally associated with a
      trend, meaning prices are gradually getting

      re: moving to 14 next week, what would be really cool
      is if
      someone were to implement an online
      person-to-person betting
      website so i could bet you $1 it


    • Itron will move up big time next week. You really have underestimated
      it extreme oversold position. I hope you have some tight
      BUY TO COVER STOPS for your short positions.


    • i've never known anyone to call the bottom before
      it happened.
      its clear to me the trend has been
      established. no stock trades
      in a straight (or diagonal)
      line. sure there will be flips and
      dips, but this
      guy is destined for single digits in weeks if


    • I believe downside HAS been reached and ITRI now
      will move into
      a very strong uptrend in the next
      few weeks. Just a friendly message
      to the shorts
      not to get too greedy, anything can happen over the


    • We are going through downgrades in earnings. This
      is what is shaking out the sellers and the buyers
      are on the sideline. And I hate it when I hear that
      we are at the bottom. That usually means we are
      going lower.

      Also, I hear buyout rumors about
      every company listed. That doesn't push the price up.
      How many companies have been bought out at their low?

      Either this company has serious problems that will be
      down the road or this baby is just totally out of

    • $ 25.00 a share very possible.

    • ITRI is probably the largest automatic meter
      reading company around. I doubt if it one of their
      smaller competitors will reach up to grab

      That leaves only the meter companies themselves as
      possible candidates. And until the industry settles on
      some standards (connection types, computer language,
      etc.), the meter companies are not going to take a
      chance on anyone.

      My opinion, of


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