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  • taz1261 taz1261 Aug 5, 1998 3:23 PM Flag

    Loss of development

    I think it is a real shame that this company
    thinks so little of it's workers that it chooses to

    let go most everyone who brought any new designs into
    production. What the heck is
    going on there? Doesn't
    someone in senior management want
    to see new products
    come out other than a $2 million dollar dog in their
    external meter modem?

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    • .........and it's starting to move up. Even in
      todays' general downtrend, it has gained 5/8.

      Some of you said Scarpelli believes that some Mutual
      Funds Mgrs cashing in could have caused the decline of
      the last couple of days. I would accept this as a

      And someone else questioned whether
      deregulation has any bearing on the state of the art of Itrons
      hardware/software. I don't see a reason why it would have a negative
      impact on itron relative to its competitors.
      Deregulation is still not fully understood, not even by the
      utilities themselves, but it is used as an effective reason
      for delaying any capital investment in modernization
      and system upgrades, i.e: new contracts. Based on
      this premise, out of all the AMR manufacturing
      competitors, Itron should be considered the least affected
      because they have their foot already insde the door in
      many utilities and a receiving steady cash flow from
      spare parts, servicing and expansion programs as the
      consumer field continue to expand; while competitors are
      still trying to pass the treshold. Fair comment?

      Skep, I would surely like to predict when SCE will be
      ready to make an award. September was my earlier
      prediction and it is still possible. The screening has been
      done and Itron is bound to be in the short list. I
      don't have any confirmation on this; only a guts

    • Having reached the price target of the short crowd, the rush to cover should push ITRI up.

    • b7bk: Sorry, I can't add to the question about
      Itron's products facing regulatory obsolesence.
      Ozimadius(post210) raises this concern and motsatboy(post211)
      rebutts him.

      I do believe that Itron has invested
      more time and effort in this technology than anyone
      else considering their relatively small size(market
      cap.) in general.

      Look, the stock has fallen
      almost 90% from it's mid 1996 high. This has to reflect
      concerns about the company's past and future performance.
      My guess is that this roughly 90% drop represents a
      more than sufficient amount to make Itron a long term
      buy. I'm not saying the stock's price is going to come
      roaring back; only sales and consistent EARNINGS can
      accomplish that and that takes TIME. Management will have to
      be persistent in their recently found focus on the
      bottom line.

      Concerning the recent price drop,
      Jemima Scarpelli also suggested yesterday, that possibly
      a mutual fund(s) decided to raise some cash by
      selling some of their smaller cap holdings. Given the
      current market conditions, this could be a plausible
      speculation. skep

    • average day's volume for thinly traded itron. b7

    • and its seeing all the itron units all over town
      which has motivated me to take notice of the company's
      tech. what i don't know about is the regulatory rules
      which itron might or might not be in compliance with. i
      haven't been in agreat deal of hurry to do my homework on
      any one issue since alot of wonderful co's have been
      getting very cheap. suddenly, i want to know more is this a beautiful buying opportunity or a
      company which is about to see its steadily climbing
      revenues begin to erode.

      input? thanks b7 by the
      way i'm long and bullish on sqnt or is it tempa?

    • Thanks for the news Skep. I got voice mail when I
      called Itron late today so couldn't confirm my thoughts
      with investor relations.
      Since Itron has downsized
      recently, I thought the price pressure might be from former
      employees exercising their stock options through a cashless
      transaction of selling shares at any price.
      Just a guess
      on my part. Any other ideas?

    • I just had a chat with investor relations(Jemima
      Scarpelli). She had no real explaination for the recent
      weakness, seemed to think it might be related to the

      On the share buyback, 100,000 of the 1,000,000
      authorized have been repurchased. It seems to be a question
      of available monies when the remainder will be
      bought back. We talked a little about ways of raising
      some cash(debt, bonds, covertibles) to buy stock
      seeing how it's below book at these prices. Just
      talking, that's all.

      The Philadelphia work is going
      according to schedule(no problems mentioned). The Duquesne
      contact has met all milestones so far, with just one
      remaining(465,000 installs by Sept. 30th and that seems to be well
      in hand as only 25,000 to 35,000 were left to do as
      of last quarter end).

      I am getting killed
      everywhere, not jut Itron. However I have recently gotten rid
      of a tremendous amount of margin and I will try to
      hang tough with my current positions. skep

    • what is the fcc regulation that will impact itron
      products. in what way will they be non-compliant? so far i
      have only been researching the financials, and it is
      dreadful stuff really. Revenues continuing to climb
      imoressively with no bottom line benefit. could the fcc issue
      be behind the big short position and the rapid
      decrease in price today? b7

    • New management is on the way..they are interviewing the final two candidates now for Humphries job. any day now....

    • I have been killed on this sucker betting long. I
      have been short since the mid-twenties and I am going
      to get more than whole. I stick by my forecast. This
      is a five dollar stock....unless new management is
      brought in.

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