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  • john0602 john0602 Sep 14, 1998 4:59 PM Flag

    i am buying down on a good stock

    i bought in at 10 1/8 and bought somemore at 7
    1/8. i figure that if this stock was a good buy at 10
    1/8, then it is a great buy at 7 1/8. this stock is
    going places and that is why i am in for the long


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    • The advantage is that Itron will be able to sell ERT modules through Schlumberger. Essentially they picked up a new customer in the deal.

    • Griff:

      I didn't say anything about where
      management has started to cut, nor did I offer any opinions
      as to what I thought about management's cutting R&D.
      Therefore, you may beg all you wish but I don't see how we
      differ. ggg

      Yes, Itron is a high tech company,
      however the industry they serve is conservative when it
      actually comes to buying something. So even though high
      tech, the market for their products is conservstive. A
      tough sell, as Itron and their competition well know.
      skep p.s. I've been going longer today, so I guess we
      do have a funamentally different veiw of Itron's

    • Skep:

      Management has bitten the bullet by
      cutting R&D. In a high tech company, this is
      IS a high tech company, isn't it? ITRON ain't a
      startup. A $60 million quarter represents significant
      sales...they either don't know how to price it, can't produce
      it efficiently, or can't adjust SG&A to match
      conditions. Most concern to me, as one who has been in the
      business, is that the market won't pay the needed price.


    • Griff:

      Current management has finally
      bitten the bullet and is cutting costs. It's always
      difficult for a small, growth oriented company to admit
      that they have been overly optimistic and then
      actually start to cut costs. skep

    • Skep, I have been long this stock twice. I
      believed the story. (Actually, I was involved with an AMR
      project sponsored by DPL in the late 1980s.) The most
      disasterous was the first time when I bought it at 29 and
      rode it all the way to 56 and back down

      After their lastest profit miss, I shorted at 26. I am
      now more than whole. I have a tight stop...but I
      won't tell you where it is<G>.

      management MAY make me reverse the position...depends on who
      and how talented.


    • " i figure that if this stock was a good buy at
      10 1/8, then
      it is a great buy at 7

      oft repeated faulty logic. you thought it was a good
      buy at 10
      and it went *down* instead. you reckoned
      wrong the first time
      and are using that decision to
      justify buying more at 7.

      "Today's confirmation of
      Itron teaming with Schlumberg was a
      step forward
      for Itron."

      more like a step in line with
      everyone else. as someone who
      has worked at both
      cellnet and whisper once said, schlum is a
      they'll sign up with anyone (they've got
      with itron, cellnet, *and* whisper).

      to be
      fair, theyre a meter subsidiary trying to hedge their
      who knows who'll survive, if *anyone*, in the AMR


    • I bought some at $13. I don't know why it has gone down so much.
      It seems like it could take off with all of the technology and new orders comming.

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