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  • skeptically skeptically Nov 9, 1999 3:56 PM Flag

    value play?

    Who's buying ITRI today? Apparently at around $4
    a share we are attracting some hopeful bottom
    fishers. 120K shares so far. I guess that book value just
    looks to tempting with a possible slow motion
    turnaround in the works. Gobble, gobble everybody. skep

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    • Today's Wall Street Journal reports, "Energy
      regulators are preparing a landmark order to create a more
      efficient national transmission network that can better
      support the expanding market for wholesale electricity."
      A more complete article accompanies this page 1

      This may stimulate the pace of deregulation that
      should benefit ITRI.

      I'm still hanging tough too
      and have been for 3 1/2 years.

      Good luck to

    • Itri is making money, very little. Their problem
      is growth. There is NO growth. They
      positioned for an earnings explosion, if and only if they
      can increase their sales.

      The street loves
      companies that are growing over 20-30% a year. When ulities
      start buying is anyone's guess.

      I would give
      them another 9-10 months for a sign. Y2K should be
      behind them. However, things could change
      sooner..........still hanging tight.

    • I have held this stock over a two years so I am a
      loser so far. I have about 200 shares at about $18 so
      it is not going to make me jump off any bridge. It
      had dropped alot to reach 18 and I tried to catch a
      falling dagger. I was stabbed.
      I keep waiting for the
      company to make money, anyone know when that will be. I
      try to make it a rule do not invest in companies with
      no earnings. Then there are exceptions, like this
      ---it is a great story.
      I repeat, any idea when co
      will make money?

      happy holidays to all

    • Over the past several years, ITRI has cut, and
      cut, and cut. Every time they quote X million dollars
      should be saved in the next fiscal year. Every quarter,
      we see more losses. The supposed savings never
      materializes. My theory is that ITRI is cutting all of its
      talent. The cuts are crippling the company to the point
      that it does not have sufficient innovative abilities
      to overcome the market constraints that are present
      in this industry.
      The cuts in Spokane and Boise
      are going to make this problem even worse. Many of
      the most experienced staff are likely to leave.

      I have sold all of my ITRI at a loss, and I do not
      see the company turning itself around until the
      competitive environment changes substantially. (They have
      been saying the same thing for years...) They
      constantly blame their shortfalls on the regulatory
      environment. Unfortunatly the regulatory environment doesn't
      seem to be moving fast enough, and Itron has layed off
      the talent that they would need to produce a product
      that their customers would actually be able to
      purchase in the current environment.
      Best of luck to
      all.. I hope that ITRI turns around...

    • Bigger question Skep.

      I ain't an investor.
      Why in the hell are we the only two posting to this
      board? What happened to Itsuam? Did he hold his nose and
      jump offa the bridge? <g> (thats a joke, I sure
      as hell hope it ain't in extremely bad

      Seriously, there isn't much interest here. Where are you
      besides ONE?

    • I first got into Itron a few years ago on a
      Barron's tout. It was a female in the Roundtable. Charlene
      Murphy. Does that sound right?

      She was dead-on. I
      bought on the tout at 32 and the sucker ran to

      I held...pathetically...while she probably sold.
      Question is: If ITRI cares less about the little guy, what
      are they doing to convince the institutions?

    • re>I sure would like Chesser to say something
      about this vision before I would be an investor

      Grif, why not scroll thur these slides from the recent
      AEA Financial Conference that was held in San Diego
      last week[Nov 9 &

      I know that is a rather inefficient and spotty way
      to get an idea of what Itron's presentation was all
      about because there is none of the oral reported but
      don't give up on your scrolling as every once in a
      while something of informational value is at least
      alluded to. I don't even know who did the presentation,
      Chesser?? + others or somebody else. You would think
      Itron's PR[press and shareholder relations]would have
      issued some public release concerning the conference.
      Also, take a look back at the shareprice movement in
      this timeframe. I would guess the analysts' reactions
      to the info release[especially any forward looking
      info]must not have been negative.

      As far as I can
      tell, Itron really isn't concerned about what the small
      outside investor thinks of Itron's stock value. At least
      that's the impression I continue to get. No wonder
      Chesser's "share value gap" continues to exist in
      spades!!!!! skep

    • Well Grif, you'd be a fool not to have such
      feelings given the PAST performance of ITRI.

      Chesser all that slow given where he's coming from and
      where Itron's at?? I mean that Board at Itron has
      really got to be suspect. I'm sure Chesser has to
      interact very carefully with them. Being an outside
      shareholder with no internal info sure has its

      I had formal training as a chemist and also some
      experience as such, as far as starting an analytical
      services company. That was years ago. I haven't been
      "employed" for over 30 years now.

      I would guess
      selling a non-standard product has its rewards as well as
      risks, even though they may be somewhat hedged.
      Commodity products also have their drawbacks from a
      competitive point of view unless you have a standardized

      A lot of engineers, heck most engineers, don't
      necessarily make good businessmen because of their technical
      and problem solving approach to matters of a more
      humanistic nature. Maybe we can just agree to disagree on
      this point.

      As far as further investing in
      Itron is concerned, I haven't done any recently[well
      maybe a thousand shares]and don't plan on doing so.
      There really has been a lack of communication as you
      mention. Anyway, I will accept any luck offered as I do
      realize the risky nature of my current position.ggg skep

    • Skep, I can't add much more than I have said. It
      just seems to me that Chesser is trying not to ruffle
      too many feathers. He ain't moving fast enough, he
      ain't cutting deep enough, and he is trying to rebuild
      with the same talent.

      Tell ya what bothers me
      most about this business Skep. Are you an engineer? I
      am. I have also had some experience in the AMR
      business. My fear is that every system (utility) is
      different...that ITRI cannot just sell standard product...they
      have to deliver systems integration and

      The systems business SUCKS. There are always
      "gotchas." The customer doesn't wanna pay for gotchas. All
      systems contractors build in contingent costs, but then
      they are exposed to being underbid by some idiot that
      doesn't apprerciate the risks.

      For ITRI to succeed
      and be profitable they need to be able to sell
      products, with the systems aspect of a sale being small. If
      EVERY sale is different and has a large systems
      engineering content, they are a long way from

      I sure would like Chesser to say something about
      this vision before I would be an investor again.

    • My first take was very similar to

      On first read, I got the impression that the news
      release was just administrative PR. However, spending a
      bit more reading time on it has changed my mind,

      1.) Re-emphasizing the focus on the customer Always
      makes sense when attempting a reorg and
      2.) Of the top 10 active executives, four have been
      removed counting the fact that Humphreys is no
      longer[?]in an active executive position. Actually changing
      40% of top management is a somewhat radical move by
      3.) The changing of the titles and focus of the 10
      officers at first seemed like a game of musical chares
      with the dethroning of the three departing executives.
      However, assuming that Chesser is not only sincere but
      also correct in his initial assessment of the quality
      of the onboard talent, then these reorganizational
      changes may actually yeild Chesser's[and the
      shareholders'] hoped for improvements. As an outsider and at
      this point in time, I have to give Chesser the benefit
      of the doubt.
      4.) It will be interesting to see
      what new management talent is brought on board as
      mentioned in the press release, particularly that necessary
      for the improving of the international sales

      From the shareholder viewpoint, the one line mention
      of shareholder value, even though fairly
      strategically placed within the press release itself, left a
      bit to be desired. Seeing how Chesser's "share value
      gap" still exists[in spades!!], possible better use of
      the PR tools available to Itron could be accentuated
      in the future.

      One last thought, What about
      lightening up the Board of Directors a bit, say the top two
      positions???????? Shound not they be held accountable for the lack
      of timely response to the internal and external
      conditions that have so impacted Itron????

      I would
      appreciate any comments by you or others, thanks skep.

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