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  • billbullbill billbullbill Jan 28, 2000 1:13 PM Flag

    OT:-another similar stock CNDS info

    Puget Sound Energy's high-tech meters d�but in
    Networked system to give Seattle consumers
    'real-time' information about energy use

    Wash., Jan. 27, 2000) - High tech "talking meters" are
    making their way into Seattle today as part of Puget
    Sound Energy's ongoing expansion of a network meter
    reading system that gives consumers faster and more
    accurate information about their energy use.
    Sound Energy employees today (Thurs., Jan. 27) began to
    retrofit the first of 150,000 natural gas meters on
    Seattle homes and businesses with a device that "talks"
    to the utility every 15 minutes by relaying meter
    data over a high-tech wireless network system
    developed by CellNet Data Systems, Inc. of San Carlos,
    Once the Seattle natural gas meters are automated,
    Puget Sound Energy customers will have access to nearly
    up-to-the-minute information about their energy consumption and
    energy costs. Eventually, the automated system will
    allow consumers to access their daily billing and
    consumption information over the Internet.
    Already, more
    than 620,000 natural gas and electric meters in the
    region are operating on Puget Sound Energy's extensive
    high-tech network meter reading system. In Kent, where
    homes and businesses have both their electric and
    natural gas meters operating automatically, 200
    homeowners are about to test for the first time anywhere a
    new technology that lets them monitor and adjust
    their heating system while they're away. The new
    technology uses the network meter reading system to relay
    two-way information between the thermostat and the
    "These networked technologies expand Puget's
    ability to deliver information access and convenience,"
    said Brian Pollom, Puget Sound Energy's manager of
    meter reading services. "There's also considerable
    potential for the capabilities of the network system to be
    extended to additional services."
    Sound Energy - 2

    Pollom expects the conversion
    of all natural gas meters in the metropolitan
    Seattle area to be completed by February 2001.
    Sound Energy first deployed network meter reading in a
    1997 pilot in Thurston County. Since April 1998, it
    has extended the vast network of talking meters in
    Thurston, Pierce and King counties. By the end of 2001,
    network meter reading services will operate on more than
    1.3 million natural gas and electric meters - 95
    percent of all Puget Sound Energy customers - in a
    nine-county area.


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    • I want to talk to you about your Milwaukee broker. Please e-mail me at

      That's (gardengirl 100) to make it clearer

    • Milwaukee

    • <EOM>

    • I agree the delay must mean bad news.

    • i've followed the industry since the early 90's.
      my only position in itron was getting short in the
      low 50's back in early 96 when that midwestern value
      gal in barron's roundtable hyped it into the ozone
      and covered later that year below 20. i've been a
      watcher since then. yes the mgmt changes were way past
      due and hopefully will lead to performance not pr
      promises in the future. the company still has cvt debt
      outstanding as well as the new bank line to draw on. call me
      old fashioned but paying huge multiples of cashflow
      and earnings for a company that's done nothing but
      disappoint investors for years doesn't get me excited. if
      the price comes in 70% and/or the new mgmt can take
      on slb and the like and show great results i'll be
      happy to revise my thinking, until then best of luck.
      ps i've got a lousy memory for names but i think the
      gal's name was charlene something. she hasn't been on
      the roundtable for the last 2 or 3 years.

    • No, can't blame anyone for being skeptical,
      especially with what CNDS and their Yahoo board have done to

      I'm confused though, and wonder if your no-position
      in ITRI means you haven't been watching. Humphries
      out and Chesser in was a good move. Recent management
      changes are good moves. Reorganization of manufacturing
      cuts expenses. The 11/15/99 10-Q says no debt (see
      below), and they just got a new long-term line of credit.

      Seems they are turning around, and preparing for future
      investments. No one wants a buyout, and I don't think ITRI was
      ever close to CH11. If you don't hold ITRI, why hold a
      sell position? Based on what?

      Financing activities used $8.5 million and $13.4 million in
      the three and nine months ended September 30, 1999
      compared to generating $1.4 million and $16.1 million
      during the same periods in 1998. Financing activities in
      1999 substantially consisted of paying down our bank
      line of credit. At September 30, 1999 we did not have
      any amounts outstanding under our bank line of
      credit. During 1998 we generated cash from financing
      activities by borrowing against the bank line of credit and
      obtaining project financing for an outsourcing contract.

    • In their last conference call, they made mention
      of addition restructuring for 4Q. They also felt
      additional charges may be added to 1Q 2000.

      The only
      thing that that is different is the delay in reporting.
      I feel they want to make sure all charges are
      reported correctly within IRS guidelines. It is much
      better to do this now, then make a correction later that
      jolt investers and analyst's. A company that
      re-reports earnings, can be very negative.

      This is my
      opinion....Are there others that agree or disagree?

    • right now it seems as if dssi with its comverge
      division is the only amr company that actually still has
      their own cash. They are just getting started and maybe
      their timing as far as deregulation will be better.

    • i'm sure itri is looking ahead but the
      competitive landscape is looking rougher for a small company
      with limited resources. cnds and itri both have
      demonstrated viable networks and the market is big enough for
      both plus more. however itron has promised much in the
      past and delivered less hence the mgmt change. they
      haven't levered their balance sheet to the crazy level of
      the old cnds but they are carrying a load of debt.
      time stands still for no company. either they turn
      things around, spruce up the company so they can partner
      with or sell out to a bigger partner or they languish
      and sell themselves out of chapter 11 a la cnds. with
      the history of this industry and of itron, can you
      blame one for being skeptical?

    • Just saw you post to me over on the CNDS
      I don't know what to think about the "rumored"
      buyout of CNDS by SLB. I guess we'll find out about the
      CNDS halt soon enough. I would just like to see CNDS
      disappear but that ain't going to happen as their installed
      networks ect. will be serviced by someone, apparently

      I have no info as to the delayed reporting at ITRI
      or the halt of CNDS. skep

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