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  • schmal2 schmal2 Jun 13, 2000 2:08 AM Flag

    Itron for the long term?

    I have been following this company, and Cellnet,
    too, for some time. It seems like there is a lot of
    potential out there for Itron if it can capitalize on its
    installed base and move to the next step. But so far there
    is no sign of that.

    Fast-forward ten years.
    Wireless devices through the internet handle everything
    from phone calls to movies to buying electricity by
    the hour. Does anyone really see meters still being
    read once a month with hand-held radios? Anyone
    besides Itron?

    Unless they can shake their dying
    "vision" and step up with one that works with, in
    just a few years their so-called technology will be in
    the dustbin. That is why the stock is not moving -
    Itron is not moving.

    There is nothing wrong with
    their product, just like there is nothing wrong with
    manual typewriters, but they are just not getting any
    more popular.

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    • You make a good observation regarding the
      "wireless revolution" and the internet. You are right about
      the many new apps going wireless. What we can't
      forget is that the utility industry which Itron is
      trying to sell to, is run by folks who don't see
      anything wrong with using a manual typewriter. They make
      Scrooge look like a spend thrift. This hurts Itron,
      killed CellNet, and is the hurdle for all of the newer
      companies trying to eat Itron's lunch. Is Itron the best
      stock or company out there? I don't know. Do they sell
      the highest tech stuff. Not really. But do they have
      a solution for most every situation? Yes., whatever
      that is worth.

    • Large trade this am and some pretty good action hitting the ask. Any one know what might be going on. Were there any contract or new equipment rumors in the past?

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