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  • bradley_44 bradley_44 Jun 21, 2000 11:37 AM Flag

    Viability of AMR

    Just last week, Whisper went bankrupt with no
    buyer yet in sight. A few months ago, CellNet, a market
    leader went bankrupt and sold at a garage sale to
    There are others on life support. When you see these
    AMR providers at utility trade shows, you note that
    virtually none of them have customers. The point is that
    this is not yet a real business. Until AMR is accepted
    by utilities, Itron and the rest are dreaming. Is
    there anything to indicate that utilities are going to
    buy in significant numbers?

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    • AMR vendors such as Hunt and DCSI have customers.
      Schlumberger, Siemens, Badger, AM, AI and Itron have customers

      Utilities will continue to buy in significant numbers when
      the point price drops. Utilities are less responsive
      to changes in the AMR technology as they are to
      changes in the price of that technology. Suffice to say,
      the winning AMR vendors will be the ones that can
      chop the comm module price. We tried wireless
      networks. But I expect that fiber to the home (FTTH) will
      carve the next wave of gateway/AMR excitement in the
      industy, especially as more and more utilities diversify
      into telecom (including munis, the largest group).

    • Schlumberger Resource Management Services (RMS)
      and Domosys Corp. will integrate the companies�
      metering and communications technologies to create an
      electric meter for residential and light commercial

      Domosys� CEBus� PL communication technology will be
      integrated into the Schlumberger solid-state residential
      CENTRONTM meter so that customer usage data can be
      transmitted directly over AC power lines to a wide area
      network gateway. The breakthrough technology application
      links the meter to the residential and commercial power
      line LAN, which extends the benefits of meter usage
      data and reduces the total cost of end-to-end
      communication from the meter to the utility.

      The CEBus
      PL card for the CENTRON meter was developed from
      Domosys core technology. The principal hardware component
      is the Domosys CEWay PL-One chip which integrates
      both an 8052 microcontroller and a high-performance
      power line transceiver. The firmware is generated from
      the Domosys CEBox tool. The CENTRON meter with the
      CEBus PL card will comply with the CEBus Standard and
      the Home Plug & Play TM Specification, North
      America�s open standards for control networks.

      two-part design of the Schlumberger CENTRON meter allows
      for rapid OEM module development, facilitating
      quicker time to market for integrated communication
      technology. First units with the integrated CEBus PL
      technology will be available in Q4 1999.

      The CENTRON
      meter with the CEBus PL card complements Domosys
      products such as the DomoMeterTM, an appliance power
      monitoring and load shedding module. The communicating
      meter-appliance module combination makes intelligent load
      shedding and time-of-use pricing programmes effective and
      affordable, giving utilities a tool to counter the effects of
      fluctuating peaks in demand.

    • Does anyone have any information on Whisper's bankruptcy?
      what day

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