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  • cleaninsight cleaninsight Jan 1, 2013 3:17 PM Flag

    recent 8K nice to see the exec still rewarding themselves !!

    Would prefer to understand the how this helps to bring under the control the staggering level of executive pay at this company. More people coming in at the high end whilst they cut to the bone at the other...oh dear.

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    • Clean---Look I am not a big fan of High compensation for employees of a Company that is operating at a loss---but to be fair ---this package that was just reported is a incentive plan that is not to be paid until 2015----IF WE ARE STILL SOLVENT!!!!!

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      • Mr. Woodfrog,

        Solvency is assured. The gasoline side of the business is getting ready to double or triple. The beauty of licensing is that the revenue is direct and seamless. Breeze is a deal maker. Another comment of note from the last cc was in regard to the after market, and it sounded as if something else is going on. Who knows, maybe Breeze can really spin it, but it seems that the conversation has been forthright and candid. If this technology is as disruptive as it sounds the automotive industry is looking on. Clearly the company is worth more than $25 million with more than 200 patents. $63 million per year and watch for an announcement of another Honda product to be converted over to CDTI technology.

        The Good News.........Honda Accords are selling as fast as they bring them in. Very loyal customer base.

        I am impressed with team CDTI. Breeze is sharp, Nihil Mehta (while very well paid) is the type of guy we want overseeing the balance sheet ("I am a conservative guy"), the scientists are 1st class,
        and IR is most competent. Please remember these guys have both been with the company less than 2 years. Focus is on saving money and running the company as efficiently as possible.
        And they have. Operating costs have dropped significantly.

        I know you have been here a long time. But we are about to have our moment in the sun.
        Think of what the company is really worth in today's world. Take the # of shares outstanding X
        the share price. Net naked enterprise value is approximately $25 million. The company could be sold tomorrow for double that figure. Honda is quite real my man...........

        Sentiment: Buy

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