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  • spanspur spanspur Mar 5, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

    Market Making Fraud Continues With CDTI........................

    Incredible! 30 minutes ago I placed a buy at $.2.32 for 2,000 shares. I am with TDAmeritrade. Tuesday morning 7:30 A.M. PST

    At the time the Bid was posted at $2.31 for 5,000 shares, Ask $2.34 for 3,000.

    I lowered my buy bid from $2.35 by canceling the original buy for 2,000 shares, and then replaced the buy at $2.32.

    Some 30 minutes later the market mechanism is still showing bid of $2.31/ask $2.34, even though I am offering to buy 2,000 shares at $2.32. What they are doing is illegal. Here in the USA if you sell equities you have a legal responsibility to post and accurately display all valid buy and sell orders that come in. The idea being that an open and visibility marketplace is fair and efficient, and properly assigns transactions between buyers and sellers.

    What they are doing is illegal! The problem is either with TDAmeritrade, or, the market maker, or the exchange.

    My Point: If you are wondering why CDTI never goes up and holds, here is a prime example of the market mechanisms concerted effort to create false perception and keep the stock artificially down, while essentially cheating both buyers and sellers of the real situation surrounding the stock. Outrageous!

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    • span----Have you complained to TD Ameritrade? I suggest to write to their compliance dept in Omaha. They will get back to you with the technical reasons for what you percieve as a failure of TD Ameritrade to represent your order in the quote. If as DBTUNR says CDTI is not a NMS stock but a buttentin Board stock then your order may not have to be shown----However To thee present of my knowledge CDTI was never dropped from the NMS Nasdaq list . The people to check with is TD Ameritrade---that is the reason you pay them . Simple question ---Is CDTI a NMS stock? ---if so, why is your Company not insuring my orders are being represented in the quote?

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    • Just got my 5K filled at $2.32. I originally had tried $2.31 but I only was able to buy 100 shares so I raised my bid to $2.32 and voila......presto, got it. Usually when I raise my bid they increase the ask. This company is cheap but we who have bought in already know that. Patience is a virtue in investing......I know this has been difficult for most of the longs but I believe this company will turn the quarter by late spring/early summer. I don't have my hopes built up much at all for this upcoming earnings report but I do expect to hear about the good news moving forward.

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    • you stupid M'Fin moron. I already explained it to you. you need to buy in lot sizes of 5,000 or more to control the bid. OTCBB stocks deal in 5000 share lots sizes

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      • I do not believe you were specific in #'s, but thanks for the knowledge you degenerate M''fing board monkey.........

        Either way, the market mechanism is intent on taking the stock lower. It's apparent to me, and there have been a bevy of 5K orders, and then someone is willing to buy several hundred thousand shares at much lower prices. What's up with that?

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    • I bought yesterday few thousand shares, honestly I bought these shares third time never made profit,
      Recently I saw good things happening around I guess this time better luck.
      What is the fare value for this stock just curious!

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