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  • ihatethispoolgame ihatethispoolgame Mar 6, 2013 3:45 PM Flag

    Food for thought, the actual market controller

    When I bought this stock I believed a sale was imminent. An acquisition by any one of a few companies worth billions each and with billions in cash on hand (CMI, BASF, etc) who would pay 70-90M for it and that would be it.

    I still believe someone wants this company, but why pay 70M for it? How about 35M? How about 10M? Keep the price down while the company struggles to the point of bankruptcy and then they are forced to sell at pennies on the dollar. That is what I believe is truly going on. It will continue until this company gets the attention it deserves. Find the company that wants them and you will probably find the manipulator. I do not know who it is at this time nor do I wish to speculate. The above mentioned companies were only companies that I WISHED would buy them.

    As I stated in a previous post, I do believe LPC and M&G are making money at both ends,BUT they still want the stock to rise from where it is. LPC will make it's money if the company sells them shares at $5 and lets it ride way up. Shorting is fine, but they want the big bucks and fame from picking a stock that skyrockets.

    I am in this company for the long haul as I believe it doesn't matter about the current situation. I believe whoever wants the company is on a timer. Once they start turning a quarterly profit the price tag for buying these guys will only go up and up and up. A year from now I believe a buyout will have to be 140-180M. Another year, add another 100M. My DD led me to believe this is a potential 400M company...lots of IFs to get there, but I believe.

    I have patience. I hope you other guys do, too!

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Great post, and I share your sentiments in that someone, somewhere, will purchase a controlling interest of CDTI for a song if this type of pricing persists.........

      The problem is with the market mechanism, and I was busy checking them out today. Gladly they will distribute
      to innocent investors like myself (I too could care less what happens nearterm, at this enterprise value we are buying tremendous value) at $2.30, only to seconds later accommodate a minor sale for a hundred shares.
      Undoubtedly we will be going lower, undoubtedly I will continue to add. I would not mind being part of a small group that purchases 51% of the company.

      Completelty agree with your assessment of valuation..........

      Scientific team is hot stuff, management is exceptional. I trust Nikil, and minutes after talking with Breeze I knew he was a dedicated deal maker......

      Sentiment: Hold

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