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  • ihatethispoolgame ihatethispoolgame Mar 13, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    Earnings Consensus

    On Nasdaq, they have Roth and Zacks giving forecasts. Not sure which is saying which...but....1 is listed at $-.16 and the other for $.01 for consensus of $ -.07 for the quarter. I looked under analyst research.

    On Yahoo, they have an esitmate of $17m revenue(and $ -.16) for the quarter. I counted 84,000 Accords sold during the quarter (source, googled honda sales press releases for accord). I am estimating that is $4.2M ($50 per unit) for the catalyst division. Not sure how much they do for Renault or Fisker.

    That info is some sort of trade secret. No idea why. I will be paying close attention to the catalyst division to see if I can get a better estimate of how much Honda pays per unit. I have a sinking feeling $50 is WAY over.

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    • IHATE---
      I would be very happy if the just met this Loss of $.16 that is estimated. All too often CDTI has disappointed on projected earnings. Meeting the loss estimate here and not doing worst would big as far as I'm concerned.

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    • I still wonder exactly what operations does CDTI do at the Oxnard plant for the Honda business? During the past quarter, I've seen that they've only hired a Buyer. That in itself is good news but I don't see any hiring that has to do with assembly May not be cause for alarm as these could be either temporary positions or they just go through an agency. Forgive me ignorance, but I need to be educated exactly what the people do in the Oxnard plant.......

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      • The Oxnard plant applies catalytic coatings to the catalytic converters and to the substrates for the particulate filters for the heavy duty diesel division. It has historically suffered from the fixed overhead costs, rent, property taxes, lighting, heating, etc, associated with surplus unused capacity but with the greatly increased catalytic converter production for Honda some of this surplus capacity will have come into utilisation with the consequent beneficial effect on margins.

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