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  • spanspur spanspur Mar 22, 2013 12:26 PM Flag

    This Game Is Fixed.........Stop Buying The Stock.....Stop Selling The Stock

    There is a concerted effort to take the share price artificially down.

    Let's look at this morning's open. Yesterday the stock closed at $2.20, with open bids to buy at $2.21 with the previous sale at $2.22.

    This morning to start the day, someone offered to sell shares at $2.16. Supposedly there was an offer to buy at $2.14, and there was a posted 10,700 at either $2.10 or $2.11. So the knowledgeable on this board would have everyone believe that someone had "taken control" of the board with a 5,000 share sell at $2.16. But this was not the case. 725 shares sold at $2.16. And then it went up to $2.20 ask again.

    But sometime during the morning shares were sold at $2.11 I believe. Now, if one is wanting to sell, a willing seller, you are not opening the morning $.04 below yesterday's close. You would not sell at these levels considering what is going on at the company. But you would love to buy some shares at $2.11. But as one poster so accurately noted.............................these buyers must be some real small time players if they are willing to pay and play on a a couple of thousand shares for $.05.

    I am sure the more knowledgeable will cast doubt upon my analysis, but it is clear to Spanspur, time to stop buying or selling the stock, while continuing to catelog each and every transaction.

    Sentiment: Hold

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