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  • woodfrog8 woodfrog8 Oct 11, 2013 5:07 PM Flag

    Question re New Director BELL LON E

    I do not understand. If the intent all along was to sell the firm---why go to all the trouble to bring Bell on board to supply his ' expertise" in this industry. As usual very little makes sense when it comes to CDTI.

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    • Now I have asked this before----but no one replied----whether it is because no one has a clue ---or because the hate the thought that they do know.
      Why go to the trouble of recuiting Lon E Bell to be on the Board---supposedly to pick his expertise in this industry--if the intent for sometime has been to sell the company in whole or in parts..
      It could be no one wishes to come up with the possible answer that the company is NOT FOR SALE. Possibly Breese hopes to get Bell to sign off on some plan to get the company moving----though the utter silence thes last 3 months really shoots a hole oin that possibility.
      I dread to think of what the next quarterly earnings[sic] report will give the shareholders.

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      • Yes, any shareholder of cdti stock has to wonder Why the company did the secondary, Why the continual silence, Why if the company is for sale are they handling it this way, Bell is receiving $150k+ and it is my belief that he was brought on board to package HD for sale. Simultaneously Breeze is working on putting a deal together to rapidly disseminate the technology.

        Cdti is/has become my worst investment in 30 years of navigating the capital markets. I drank the cool aid. "We're lowering operating expenses", Honda"is planning on deploying tech to entire fleet", etc, etc, etc.

        The company has hope, but that is about it. Otherwise it is a complete failure. At the last cc one shareholder was quite direct about what needs to be done. But after witnessing the ill advised secondary and the shyster investment house they choose to work with.........I just wonder if Breeze's assignment from the very beginning was to deliver the companTy and the technology into bankruptcy. Kanis must be beside himself because if I am correct his $3 million in loans are unsecured. I personally own enough shares to make it a $.60 per share stock. Nikil focked up the deal with Marx. Now doubt is everywhere about their leadership capabilities.

        With that being said the silence is deafening. Watch, at the next cc management will say something brilliant like, "we expect an increase in retrofit business in the 1st half of 2014". Don't they get it......there is no retrofit business in California.

        Who knows what the truth is. The website looks to make a statement, but I for one need to hear new info, a more open description of the path the company is pursuing. Without it cdti management will continue to erode any confidence that I have. Stay tuned..........

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