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  • md.cohen md.cohen Mar 12, 2014 10:23 AM Flag

    Why CDTI Now ?

    Hybrid is a dying technology but the Germans (ever Detroit) have been smarter about its no-brainer replacement, clean diesels. Honda's near-luxury division was the first to take on the German and lead the pack until Toyota got into the space with Lexus. But with Toyota committed to Hybrid technology, Honda is making a gutsy move. Bottom line: Why would you drive a slug only for good millage when a cleaner burning technology can give you up 50 MPG with very good off-the-line performance and best-in-class midrange passing performance (30 to 70 MPH), as the new diesels have remarkable torque, which BTW, make them a natural for all whee drive or four wheel drive vehicles?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Hybrids are nothing but hype, Tesla, Fiskar, Insight, Prius, Leaf, etc.. They are selling you a product for a premium, you have to drive it 200K+ to see the value and then they have a waste management problem when they try to scrap the car. Elon is laughing all the way to the bank, just like Jobs did... They will all disappear unless something extraordinary happens... such as a 24v drill battery giving your car the power to cruise city streets for 6hrs! There are not enough raw materials on earth to build millions of trash can size batteries , millions of cars people... The US does not produce enough electricity to charge all these cars either... they are just keeping up with demand, millions of Leaf's and Tesla's will overload the system in one night, lol! It's that are they build a dozen Nuclear Power plants in each state. Diesel, LNG, this is the future for now... my next car will most likely be diesel. That all being said, I could see millions of Nissan Leaf's being useful in one specific area, Beijing :)

    • Check their earning. They have been in this business over a decade and still losing lots of money q in and q out. If its such a good technology why the rest of the automaker is not on it? Future will be electric so don't know about this technology's future yet.

    • so what is your argument wrt CDTI?

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