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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Aug 26, 2014 1:15 PM Flag

    Exhaustion of Prepaids bad, enhancement good

    In May 2011 the share price was going up and an article came out on Seeking Alpha. Here's what it stated about Prepaid's. Dbtunr pay close attention.

    Clean Diesel Technologies (NASDAQ:CDTI) ended Thursday's session on the corner of euphoria and delirious, roughly doubling in value. Put in perspective, by the end of the day shares were twice as expensive as the session prior.

    Yet it was a scant news release maintaining that the company "received nearly $2.0 million in orders for its verified (approved) emission reduction products" that drove shares beyond rational boundaries. The $2M order represents approximately 4% of Clean Diesel Technologies' sales on an annual basis (per its 10K filing) -- hardly justification for the irrational trading that took place on Thursday.

    Further, as of the most recent quarter, cash and equivalents totaled just $1.245M, down from $5M in the previous quarter, per its 10Q filing. During the same period, accounts receivable grew more than 36%, suggesting some complacency on the part of debtors.

    To the dismay of by-the-number type investors, debt continues to grow and the exhaustion of certain prepaid expenses may put a strain on cash, particularly in the short-term. The question then becomes: Who will finance the company -- or rather, how will the company finance itself?

    Sad to see dbtunr sell himself out on such childish moves. Common theme by his is misrepresentation. Is this on purpose. No one can be this dumb. But then again? . Maybe he likes being a low life? Leaving out details on purpose and making up whatever lie he can think of. But he has been busted now for the fifth time. Whatever happen to three strikes, bashers play by their own rules. Two spanspurs on the same board, what are the odds. Both are born liars and both get the facts wrong constantly. Then again I called spanspur a feminine hygiene product and days later dbtrunr stated I called him a D-bag. can't make this stuff up.

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    • maybe you are confusing prepaids with deferred revenue. You want deferred revenue to go up over time

    • maybe you are confusing prepaids with deferred revenue. You want deferred revenue to go up over time

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      • I'm not confused about anything. Prepaids are for rare earth metals. Not deferred revenues, not for prepaying insurance or rent . Clearly you were not prepared to bash prepaid's, because you didn't have a clue to what they are. Dude they have $1.8M of prepaid's.

        What single item do they use, that costs that much? Common you can say it with me.....Rare earth metals. The stronger the number. the better shape they are in. That number improved by $425K from the first quarter. Look at this way, if it drops in the third quarter, you can bash with it. You won't understand what you are bashing, but then again, that doesn't stop you from posting inaccurately anyways.

    • is that before or after the company diluted itself and was forced to to a reverse stock split for the second time?

      Funny how you can look up some arcane article from 3 years ago but can't find the words "GOING CONCERN" in the latest 10K

      ad hominem attacks are the last vestige of a scoundrel

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