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  • cybourg cybourg Jan 22, 2003 12:20 PM Flag

    Delisting soon ?

    Anyone looking to get in here should read the S-3 prospectus on the Alanco website. Not surprisingly, ALAN has received notification of non-compliance for NASDAQ lsiting. They have until February 10th to get the share price over a buck. So, they have 2 weeks to make some spectacular announcement (Another $1.5 financing deal - which is nothing - won't cut it)to double the share price ... or hello to ANOTHER reverse split (already approved by BOD). Or ... hello pink sheets. My bet is on another reverse split.

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    • Emotional? LOL ... How do you get emotional out of anything I have written ? Now that's funny. Like I said I follow this one for humor. And speaking of emotional, why do you continue to try and put lipstick on this pig? You are obviously at a loss on this one -- virtually every shareholder is as Alan continues to trend towards its alltime lows (41 cents I believe?)-- could it be that you are upset at facing the reality of another reverse split and losing more money ? And in your desperation continue to write 2 sentence posts about the "big game" ahead. LOL

      Here's a proposition for you ... write a post that is more than two sentences long and contains something of intelligence (i.e., why you dont think a reverse split is emminent, or why you think bracelet sales can increase when states have no money, or what the "big game" is ahead, etc). Please something, something of intelligence or save the bandwidth and dont write anything at all and keep "averaging down" on those shares for the big game !!! LOL

    • You're far too emotional for this game, Cy.
      All those years of bingo wasted in preparation for the big game. Sad, very sad.

    • Hey poty -- wassup ? I agree ... actually I wasnt looking to waste mytime in a big discussion .. just thought I'd post the info on the S-3 for the 5 or so people that might happen to read this board. The only reason I even took a second look at this pig was all the insider buying .. but I dont buy it ... they probably bought from loans from the company or some such shit like that. I doubt its their own money. I wish there somewhere where I could go make a bet that the company will see another reverse split in the next four months.

      Hey where's Bernie been ?

    • You and I both know. That another and another and another reverse split is going to happen. You can tell these people that until you are blue in the face. They do not listen, you call the company and they LIE.
      Don't waste your time anymore.

    • <<So, if you're out of this stock, then why are you posting?>>
      I follow this stock mostly for humor, as I have followed it for about the last seven years and have seen it through the air pollution equipment, fry guys, gold mines, insurance divisions etc ..... and the numerous pump and dumps along the way. Was actually thinking about getting back in (since there hasnt ben a pump inawhile) so I was doing some research and among other things found the S-3. Go back a few years on this message board ... I have been around a long time.

      <<As for "buying before a reverse split"--What reverse split? " >>
      As I have asked you repeatedly in the last few messages ... what other options are out there (realistically) other than a reverse split.

      <<Have you actually called the company and spoken directly either to the CEO or CFO with regard to your delusion? >>
      Hell no !!! I called IR (Goyet? or something like that) about a month before the last reverse split and he told me that in that there would absolutely NOT be a reverse split. Havent you learned by now not to trust a word these guys say ? I did. (besides they would never tell an individual investor that a reverse split was forthcoming even if there was one -- its called fair disclosure --duh

    • So, if you're out of this stock, then why are you posting? Are you some kind of humanitarian?
      They are few and far between in the investing world.

      As for "buying before a reverse split"--What reverse split? Have you actually called the company and spoken directly either to the CEO or CFO with regard to your delusion?

    • Typical response ... cant think of anythng intelligent to say so resort to name calling. If merely repeating what is Alanco's own S-3 is "bashing" then by that logic ALAN is bashing its own stock ? What have I said isn't true ? BTW -- only an idiot would pick up shares "on the cheap" prior to a reverse split. Look at what has happened to this stock after each prior reverse split. If one really had to own this dog they would wait till after the reverse split.

      Once again I ask you what other options are there besides a reverse split (which ALAN has done SEVERAL times before), getting the share price over a buck (highly unlikely with state govt cutbacks reducing likelihood of sales - and thats in the S-3 too), or trading on the pinks ? I would really like an intelligent answer this time rather than name calling and one liners.

    • That's not the whole story. It's not as dire as you make it out to be.

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      • I didnt make it out to be anything .. just repeating what is in the S-3. If they don't get the price up to a buck by February 10th they will be given notice that they will be delisted. They can appeal, but on what grounds ? IMO They only have two options .. get the price up to buck or reverse split again. Read the S-3 for yourself -- its right on Alanco's web page. If that's not the whole story then please elaborate.

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