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  • seschm12 seschm12 Jan 3, 2014 9:04 AM Flag

    This was such a #$%$ deal for shareholders

    Intel, a $125 Billion dollar company.. pays $12 million for the wireless unit and this is what is said in a EETimes article. Something doesn't add up.

    On November 5, Mindspeed closed a deal to be acquired by wireless specialist Macom for $272 million just as it was entering negotiations to sell its wireless business to Intel. Mindspeed previously announced that if its wireless business was not acquired, it would be restructured and wound down. Intel declined to comment on the purchase price.

    Rose Schooler, vice president and general manager of Intel's communications and storage group, said in an interview with EE Times that it had been a long journey for Intel to acquire Mindspeed.

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    • Especially since they paid more than $50 million for Picochip less than two years ago. Raouf is a sociopath. Do a Google search for a story in the LA Times about his yacht back in 2000 or so. This narcissistic cretin is driven by demons that non-reptiles simply can't understand.

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      • Tell me Raouf Halim isn't a raving jackass after reading this article. Seriously, he's driving a company into the ground as he spouts this drivel - reverse splits, horribly executed acquisitions, lower revenue, lower S/P, empty promises, over and over again. Just goes to show that you don't need to be either smart or productive to strike it rich in America these days. You just need to be well-connected, completely shameless, and utterly narcissistic.

        From "Sea of Luxury, LA Times, August 7, 2003

        ... No matter the state of the economy, builders and designers say the passion for new, bigger, more sophisticated and more personal yachts continues unslaked here. Interior decorators keep busy helping owners get what they want: homes away from home, offices to keep in touch with work, heliports, fireplaces and gyms.

        When Raouf Halim, 43, sits at the helm of his $1.7-million, 64-foot Sunseeker, he breathes in an intoxicating aroma of saltwater and new leather. It's the same Italian leather, he says, used in Bentleys.

        "What I love about the boat is that it's very consistent with my style: aggressive, fast-paced, technology-oriented," says Halim, chief executive officer of Mindspeed, a company that produces semiconductors for Internet equipment. The 16 pages of custom specifications he ordered for his yacht, handcrafted over 15 months in England, included high-end navigation systems, hideaway plasma TV screens and meticulous cherrywood and birch detailing.

        The interior is carpeted in white and decorated with Italian silks.

        Each room, including a master suite for himself and his wife and a three-bunk suite for his son and friends, is climate-controlled and equipped with its own satellite receiver and high-speed Internet connection. What's more, each is illuminated with rope lights on dimmers. "It's very romantic at night," says Halim.