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  • thebestoftherest99999 thebestoftherest99999 Dec 13, 2005 8:06 PM Flag

    Fact and Otherwise

    Here are the FACTS: (Last Quarter 30 Sept):

    Gross Margin 26.5% vs 21.8% LY

    Revenues: $9,000,000 (+2% LY)

    Income $800,000 (+52% LY).09 Per share

    Implemented first Dividend of US 12 Cents Per Share payable in 2006

    End of 2004: Around $30,000,000 in cash and current assets.

    Opinion: This company could earn 40 - 50 Cents a share next year. Do your own calculations for a possible share price. I won't hype.


    All the ridiculous posts by the moron basher who can come up with no better arguments than dead money, pos, and her friend Greenberg who hates the thing.

    Draw your own conclusions. Her Jcramer2, Zgoldansky, Lawrencecudlow, among others) agenda is to fool you into selling so that she can buy cheaper. Don't fall for it.

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    • That all looks good... but what will bring this stock up? dividend is a sign of limited growth (the main mover of stocks). Where is the growth????
      Did i make a mistake getting a pretty healthy position in this stock?
      Is $3.00 a good support, or might it break through to lower ranges as ZGOLD suggests?

      If this thing is getting 'bought up' as some suggest, why did this last trade come in so low??

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      • thebestoftherest99999 thebestoftherest99999 Dec 14, 2005 10:29 PM Flag

        I cannot predict stock prices with low volume micro caps. It would be foolish to try - especially short term as you are trying to do. This is at the whim of mm and the overall market. However, I will say three things with regard to wilcf.

        1)If you try to trade this stock (volume 5,800 yesterday)you will lose. Charting doesn't work, and has no relevance with WILCF's parameters. If you're in it for a trade, suggest you sell, and move on in your life. No such thing as "support" in this stock.

        2) Eventually earnings will drive stock prices. Always have and always will. If you can't see growth, as you put it, I can't help you.

        3)If you think ZGOLD as you call her, might be right, and that the quality of her advice warrants it, then follow her advice.

        Up to you.