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  • malsmith_2000 malsmith_2000 May 4, 2004 6:44 PM Flag


    Did anyone else who emailed Mr. Greenburg receive a reply? He actually emailed me back. I simply told him that I didn't think his research was that great. He told me that a friend of his thought it was good. I didn't really get what he was saying.. It was sort of a nanny-nanny-boo-boo...Huh? I figured the guy was smart enough to at least not acknowledge his critics..We must have got under his skin..Geez.. GO SIRI!!!

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    • I must admit SIRI investor's told the truth about WAL-MART to that HERB FOOL if you
      going to BASH get the FACTS CORRECT IDIOT!!


      "Well, as any long-term reader knows, I'm the first to fess up when I mess up. But in this case, most of the readers were pointing me to an April 21 press release from Sirius that was headlined, "Sirius Satellite Radios available at Nation's Largest Retailer." In the fine print, however, the company said that one of its radios "will soon" be available at "select" Wal-Mart locations. (That compares with XM, which has multiple units at most Wal-Marts.)"

      "Interestingly, enough, the only people I haven't heard from on the Sirius item is Sirius itself, whose spokesman on Friday implied its radios are not yet at Wal-Mart. Several readers, however, say they've seen them there, which is fine; I can't explain the discrepancy, but I do know this: Whether Sirius radios are now starting to show up at Wal-Mart is irrelevant as it pertains to the point of the original story -- a story that no doubt will continue to evolve as both companies try to win the race for radio in space."

      "Both companies try to win the race for radio
      in space" NOW NOW WE KNOW WHICH ONE !!!!



      ((((((((((((((XM))))))))))))))) !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wrote me back too! It's going to be like this y'all, all the way to $10.00-20.00-30.00
      We'll get converts along the way; some people have trouble seeing a good thing before everyone acknowleges it as such!

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