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  • buyitsellit2003 buyitsellit2003 Aug 2, 2004 2:35 PM Flag

    A very bad day in SIRI Land

    One would have thought that the day the NFL deal was announced that the stock would have rallied. It doesn't appear that good or decent news has any effect on PPS. This is usually a very bad sign. What is it going to take to move this stock... I will tell you: SUBS or a bug OEM deal.

    That is bad news for SIRI longs. This stock, being the pure speculative play that it is, needs to be able to pick up a few cents on decent news.

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    • They don't have 5 country channels for nothing! Keep me away from them though...

      Xm makes me laugh, they give away a bunch of trial subs in GM's, then claim them as paying subs even after they aren't. At least everyone buying SIRI is acutally buying it.

    • Why for the life of God almighty would you let your competitor have such an advantage of installing nearly a million of its automobiles with a "hot new service" that people like and want, when you yourself have the same opportunity to counter that "competative advantage" by coming-out with a similar service, i.e. Sirius, which ultimately helps your "bottom line", by "selling vehicles"?
      Research has shown that consumers like and want this service, sat-rad, and would rather buy a vehicle with it intalled already, than to not have it!
      Ford sucks for this reason! If I was a Nebraska wheat farmer, and my neighbor was showing off his new GMC silverado, out in the middle of the wheat field, picking-up his favorite country channel, or gaining a sense of commodity futures prices from listening to Bloomberg, or just tooling around with clear cyrstal digital reception; and if I was his neighbor in a brand-new F-250, $35,000 plus, listening to static Am/FM fade in and out, or listenig to the same CD for the 100th time, I think I would wonder why my brand didn't have this service?

    • Creativity in the auto world is an incremental process. Nothing is done without thorough psychological focus testing of the public's reaction to new designs. Any attempt at altering the production model, even in the face of obvious long term problems, is resisted.

      F ain't gonna save this stock.

    • I think you're right! "Group Think"...that's why these new companies come along, like Hyundai, Daewoo, Lexus, Infinity, Acura,...etc,etc...and start gaining a lot of market share!
      Seems like GM has a bit of "progressive tech leanings", but their designs are a little "in the box", imho!
      Chrysler with Daimler is showing some "creativity"! All IMHO!

    • uh.... yeah...

    • International conglomerates like F do not ever take "bold new risks." The pinheads that run them are taught in business school never to do that.

    • Their greatest risk lies in not taking some bold, new risk, imho!
      This is a much, much changed "auto maker's market", when Ford reigned supreme and GM was their biggest threat!
      You've literally got automobiles coming from every corner of the globe!
      Ford can't afford to "sit on their risk-averse ass", or they'll end-up like Chrysler, before the gov. had to bail them out! IMHO!

    • That looks better!
      Basher are going HELL!!!


      Money flows from the impatient to the patient.


    • F has been in trouble for a long time and they are very risk averse now. SIRI is a risk that F is wary of.

    • What new deal with NFL? NFL is old news. Only when the subs created from NFL starts gaining synergy will the PPS move.

      NFL news has been out forever.

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